It's a trap?

The group breathed a collective sigh of relief as it seemed the negotiations were over. At least for tonight. Several Ssala rushed forward, two fussed over the small child whilst another smaller, more hunched over Ssala adorned with feathers and charms began to look over the child. Some sort of Shaman Jade presumed. She yawned and stretched, looking up into the darkening sky, stars just beginning to twinkle into existance. She wondered, as the large group were led towards the sleeping areas of the village what was happeinging to Cassandra. She racked her brain for information on the woman, trying to mentally call up her file, but could only barely remember her name, let alone anything else. She sent a whispered prayer to Artemis to help Cass be strong and courageous during whatever hardships she was facing.


"[Wake/Morning]" A Ssala said in their strange hissing language. Unsure whether it was a statement, order or what it could be, Jade got up anyway. She mimed washing, hoping that it was a generic gesture and not something obscene. The Ssala seemed to get the idea and led Jade out of the village a ways. The burbling river greeted her ears, and after several days in a hot sticky jungle marching and moving through undergrowth, it was music. The Ssala leading her stopped when 'voices' could be heard at the river. She gestured for Jade to stay there.
"[Wait/Stop/Stay]" She said, not entirely at ease. She nimbly moved through the bushes and dissapeared.
"What now?" Jade asked to no one in particular. The Ssala returned and beckoned her onwards.
"[Quick/Follow]" She said then babbled on a while as she lead her through the screen of bushes.

Jade's breath caught in her throat as she saw what was there. Several Haruk were bathing alongside the Ssala from the tribe.
"What the...." She backed off, looking around, no one had noticed her so far.
"[Friend /ally!]" The Ssala said, concern in her hissing voice. She pointed at the river "[Friend/ally]" She said again. Trying to calm Jade down.

Jade bolted from the site, back through the jungle to the village and where the Dwarfers were sleeping.
"It's a trap they are Haruk slaves they have to be by the river with the Ssala and..." She gulped in a breath, talking so fast that it wasn't really speech but audible babble.
"Woah, what?" Jay asked, blurrilly coming around from sleep. The Ssala that had been with Jade burst in after her and began talking rapidly in her own language. Jamie blinked a few times and listened hard to the Ssala. He responded quissically and she began explaining again.
"Apparently, they are allies of the Ssala, the closest I can explain it is the Haruk there are like eco-warriors of a sort. They disagree that the high classes treat other beings the way they do. There are several other Haruk tribes and Ssala within a few days journey of here, closer to something they call Hyrasamoura. They are planning a rebellion. They tried to explain it to Seynour last night, be he wasn't listening..."
"How do you say sorry?" Jade asked. I want to apologise for over reacting. Jamie translated. "[Regret/pity/sad]" Jade said, the Ssala smiled in their strange alien way. No teeth showing Jade noted. She did the same, no teeth.


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