"Apparently, they are allies of the Ssala, the closest I can explain it is the Haruk there are like eco-warriors of a sort. They disagree that the high classes treat other beings the way they do. There are several other Haruk tribes and Ssala within a few days journey of here, closer to something they call Hyrasamoura. They are planning a rebellion. They tried to explain it to Seynour last night, be he wasn't listening..."
"How do you say sorry?" Jade asked. I want to apologise for over reacting. Jamie translated. "[Regret/pity/sad]" Jade said, the Ssala smiled in their strange alien way. No teeth showing Jade noted. She did the same, no teeth.

Jaxx was walking back to camp when he saw some of the crew acting weird. Jaxx was to tired to get involved in their conversation. He tried to scrap off the mud on his hands and feet as best he could without any water available. The two male Ssala that were with him were also wiping off the mud from their hands and feet as well. One of them went and fetched a clay pot of water and a hemp towel for them to wash up with. Jaxx smiled and nodded to the Ssala. The Ssala copied Jaxx's gesture as they cleaned up. Then Jaxx gave them a bow out of respect, which the Ssala copied and then went to their huts to sleep. Jaxx turned to look at the direction they came from with a sad expression.

His eyes were tired and his body was a little sore as he rubbed his muscles on his shoulder. Evelina saw Jaxx and walked up to him as she said, "Your up early. What were you and the natives up to?" Jaxx gave Eveline a tired smile as he answered, "They were totally helping me bury Davie Jones. It took way longer than I expected cause the wicked roots and all." Eveline asked, "Were you to close?" Jaxx paused for a moment and then answered, "I wish I could remember. It felt like we were friends by the way he treated me nicely, but I don't remember knowing him before. He was a most righteous soldier dude and laughed at some of my jokes. Then he died he protecting us without any hesitation." Evelina asked, "He sounded like a good friend."

Jaxx looked at his hands and paused. Jaxx looked at Evelina with sad eyes as he said, "They look like big, good, strong hands. Don't they? I always thought that's what they were. I couldn't stop the blue dude. The blue dude was dead and then totally came back to life and killed Davie. I failed him." Eveline, "Jaxx don't be so hard on yourself. Those Haruk are real tough." Jaxx continued to stare at his hands as he dropped to his knees in exhaustion and sat down as he said, "They look like big, good, strong hands. Don't they?" Eveline sat next to Jaxx and put her arm around her sad friend and she leaned his large head on her should till he slowly fell asleep.

Off in the distance where Davie died was a a small grave with a small pile of moist dirt and flowers covering it. At the head of the grave was a poorly made blue stone tombstone. The blue tombstone had poorly written words etched onto the face of it and looked like they was written by a child. On the tombstone it read:

"Davie Jones"
"A Righteous Dude"

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