Every little helps....

“Wake up Mr Niples’” Phils voice boomed over the monitor.
Seymour frowned in confusion, that was the first time Phil had ever pronounced his name correctly, what was that dripping on his tongue? It tasted revolting.
His arms felt strange. Painful in fact, so did his tongue for that matter. He tried to pull it back into his mouth but found it restrained.
He opened his eyes.
As soon as he did, he wished he hadn’t. Glancing to either side as best he could with his tongue ‘tied’ as it were he could see his arms were secured inside large clamps. Holding him tightly. He struggled to get free, but they tightened, and the shackles tightened, stretching his arms apart.
“Whub..whub isd dis?” he mumbled, his tongue unable to move but continuously being dripped on by something that tasted just horrid.
“I want to play a game Seymour” came Phils voice again. His puppet persona was on a monitor.
“You have spent your life thinking you’re better than others. Your snobbery the defining feature of your character. Today, it will become your worst enemy.”
“The rules for this game are quite simple. There are two ways for you to leave this room. One, is simple. Under each set of your fingers is a switch. It will release your tongue from its restraint, whilst forcing the shackles that bind you to rip your arms from your torso, and setting you free.”
Seymours eyes widened.
“Or, you can remain in place for the next hour. Until the liquid dripping onto your tongue is spent. At the point the bottle is empty, you will be released physically unharmed, but I assure you the psychological damage will be devastating. You see Mr Niples. The liquid that you can taste is cheap supermarket wine. The choice is yours Mr Niples. Maintain your dignity, but exist without limbs, unable to fend for yourself, or, face, what for you is a fate worse than death, drink an entire bottle of cheap wine.”
Seymour, looked up.
It couldn’t be.
No-one could be so twisted, surely?
He saw the bottle, suspended above him, with a narrow spout attached dripping slowly onto his tongue, it had a label. White background with blue stripes, and words too…upside down words..”Tesco Value Red Wine”
Seymours blood curdling screams echoed throughout the station….

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