To The Rescue????

Evelina took the vial and held it up to the light and looked and then looked down to Jaxx, " QUEEG WHY ARE DOING THIS! WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO WRONG YOU!" Evelina stopped when she felt Jaxx tugging on her soaking sleeve. " Save the captain, I'm not that important." Evelina's jaw dropped as the monitor crackled back to life. " So Miss Stone, what's the choice going to be the captain whose's life will be missed by many including his son, or Jaxx whose life is slowly bleeding out onto your hands. The choice is yours. Yours friends situations have changed as well." The monitor changed to show Katrina and Cass being sucked out of a cargo door and Dr Black and Jamie both stuck in mazes with steam scorching their skins. "This is beginning to get interesting, make your choice and hope it's the right one." Both the monitor and Queeg stopped leaving a eery silence. " If I pick Jaxx everyone else's tests will be pointless, if I pick the captain I lose Jaxx." Evelina whispered to the air. " But if I pick the captain will we be able to get out and get Jaxx to medibay and then help the rest of the crew?" She asked to no one in particular. "QUEEG! I pick the Captain!" She looked down at Jaxx with tears in hers eyes,"Jaxx I'm so so sorry." She gave him a hug.
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Jaxx quietly listened to Evelina and Queeg's conversation as he struggled to stay awake.

"QUEEG! I pick the Captain!" She looked down at Jaxx with tears in hers eyes,"Jaxx I'm so so sorry." She gave him a hug.

Jaxx mustered a weak smile as Evelina hugged him. Despite his lack of strength from a severe blood loss, he forced himself to raise his arms and hug Evelina back with a weak hug as he muttered into her ear, "Thanks babe. I forgive you." Evelina began to tremble as the tears began to roll down her cheeks. She held Jaxx tight as she tried to pull herself together.

Queeg smiled as he said, "Nicely played Mrs. Stone. Feel free to watch your crew mates on the monitor till your friend dies." Then Queeg's face was replaced by the footage of the other crew members.

Jaxx could see from the corner of his eye that Evelina was crying even more. The thought of seeing her cry was more than he could take. In the short time time that Jaxx could remember all the painful events he had to endure nothing could compare to the pain of watching Evelina cry. He was ashamed that he was the cause of her tears and wished he could make it all go away. He hated himself for not being strong enough for her. He feared the last thing he would see is her crying. Jaxx struggled to push past that horrible feeling in his gut as he thought of what he could do. All he could do for her now was to live no matter how much it hurt.

Jaxx leaned his head to her ear and whispered, "Eve........babe..........don't............cry.......i....promise.........i.....won't........die." Evelina pulled away from Jaxx and looked at his weary face. Her eyes were red and puffy as tears continued to roll down her cheeks. She looked into Jaxx's glazed over eyes as she said, " promise?" Jaxx managed to nod his head a little as he gave her a weak smile. Evelina wiped her tears away as she said with a weak smile, "I wont forgive you if you lie to me Jaxx." Jaxx nodded again with a weak smile as he muttered, "ok...Eve....babe".

Evelina managed to wipe her tears and calm down as she looked around and saw the layout of the room they were in. The room looked like a modified water tower tank. A large monitor was attached near the ceiling lights showing the footage of the other crew members. The only way in or out was a ladder on the side wall that went up or the cable attached to the skutter with a small monitor also showing the footage of the other crew members.

As soon as the handles were released, Jade could hear Jamie's yells from the monitor. She cried in frustration hearing the echoing cries of pain from Jamie. What she didn't know, was that he would get a perfect video rendition of her efforts after he had reset the console. She reached the edge of the maze.

"I'm sorry Jamie, the rest is up to you." She paused before going forward. Her resolve wavering. The others would be ok right? They had gotten out of their traps right? As if predicting her thoughts, the monitors kicked in again, showing her Jaxx dying, Evelina's dilemma and Cass and Katrina struggling for air sliding towards the vacuum of space.

"The rules are changing Doctor Black. You don't have long to save them. You obviously aren't willing to give up enough." It was actually Queeg this time, not his puppet, baiting her into carring on.

"I see. Ok. Lets keep playing." She said, pushing through the pain and opening the next door.


Suddenly Evelina could hear a noise above her. The noise began to get louder and louder till she heard a loud thud and a voice saying, "OUCH DAMMIT!!! Stupid beam!!" Evelina yelled up at the voice, "HELLO??? Is someone up there?" Dr. Black looked down one of the holes nearby and saw Evelina holding up a barley conscious Jaxx. Dr. Jade said, "Oh Smeg. How is he?" Evelina realized it was Dr. Black and answered, "Jaxx is hurt bad Doc. Please help him."


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