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Evalina took the vial and held it up to the light and looked and then looked down to Jaxx, " QUEEG WHY ARE DOING THIS! WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO WRONG YOU!" Evalina stopped when she felt Jaxx tugging on her soaking sleeve. " Save the captain, I'm not that important." Evalina's jaw dropped as the monitor crackled back to life. " So Miss Stone, what's the choice going to be the captain whose's life will be missed by many including his son, or Jaxx whose life is slowly bleeding out onto your hands. The choice is yours. Yours friends situations have changed as well." The monitor changed to show Katrina and Cass being sucked out of a cargo door and Dr Black and Jamie both stuck in mazes with steam scorching their skins. "This is beginning to get interesting, make your choice and hope it's the right one." Both the monitor and Queeg stopped leaving a eery silence. " If I pick Jaxx everyone else's tests will be pointless, if I pick the captain I lose Jaxx." Evalina whispered to the air. " But if I pick the captain will we be able to get out and get Jaxx to medibay and then help the rest of the crew?" She asked to no one in particular. "QUEEG! I pick the Captain!" She looked down at Jaxx with tears in hers eyes,"Jaxx I'm so so sorry." She gave him a hug.
OOC- Ive never watched Saw so I'm sorry if my post doesn't quite fit but there's my attempt.

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