Shock Tactics

"If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all humanity and in all times;" Jade, no way to go but forwards carried on, the corridor now dimly lit as she progressed. "But if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my life."

"Please Jade. He's not worth dying for. It's a rape baby."

"Shut up Abby. I know what iI'm doing..."

"You'll die!"

"If Queeg doesn't kill me first." She mumbled. Not much time had passed, she hadn't noticed when the halucinations had started. Maybe since the steam room? Maybe she had died and this was her version of hell. The cold numbed her brain now, made it hard to think. She walked, cold wet feet slapping onto the dirty metal decks. Was that blackness dirt? Or frostbite on her toes? She was both numb and in pain all at once. The bloodloss now causing her to feel quite faint and dizzy. The cold slowing her thoughts and mental faculties.

"Tony was a vile man. You can't be considering keeping it?" Abby protested, putting her arm as if to stop Jade. She carried on through the apperition.

"Not his fault."

"His fault?! How can you..."

"The baby is a boy..." Jade interrupted. Not turning asside to look at her friend.

"Wow... You are serious."

"Yes, They can induce labour at 37 weeks. If not before. I can go into chemo then. I'll not risk the baby. The little guy is what got them to notice the cancer in the first place."

"You are crazy Jade. You could die!" The spectre floated along, haunting Jade.

"Oliver and I will be fine. I won't risk his life. Not for you. Not for Tony. Not for Queeg. Not for anyone. He is my baby." She shuffled along and into the next chamber. Jade didn't notice many details at all. The two metal posts, crackling with charge, the wires leading to circuits and controls. The big view screen looking over the cargo bay where Cass and Katrina were. It all drifted past her senses as she looked into the room and saw the crib.

The small hospital cot was there in the middle of the room. Well, the halucinagenic steam that had filtered into her blood was making her think it was anyway. For a moment all the pain, all the numb damage her body had suffered went away.

"Oliver!" She breathed, looking down at the baby, only 23 weeks old. Her body had given up, she had gone into labour early and delivered, now he lay with tubes in his fragile body. Back when this had happened in real life, by now Jade was hooked up to tubes of her own filled with life saving drug and a scar along her hip line where they had removed her womb. She looked down and saw the bloody stiched line. "You are real. My boy."

She picked up the fragile illusion and sung quietly to it. A gentle lullaby.


“Shit…Kat…” Cass said
“Look…” she pointed toward the far wall. Neither of them had noticed before, but there was a large cargo door, that opened into space.
And it began to open, stopping once it was open a mere inch.
Immediately, the air began rushing out of the room…

Below her Katrina and Cass had noticed her in the control room. Gripping onto the pole that they had once been tied to Cass turned to Kat.

"What is she doing?" Cass asked, looking at Jade cradling something invisible in her arms and swaying slightly.

"It looks like a lullaby..." Katrina mused, having cradled Max and sang him to sleep numerous times.

"We have to get her attention." Cass said. "There might be something up there that can close the door" The two women looked about and Katrina noticed her collar, loose from the device, just beginning to slide towards the door. Both women looked at each other then both dived for it. Between them they were able to manouver in the room as their air supply dwindled.


The illusion shattered along with the plexiglass as the collar crashed to the floor and slid through the cot. Jade wailed and looked for the person who had disrupted her dream. She coughed, the air getting thin. Over the rush or air. Queeg appeared again.

"Your final test Doctor Black. Simply grab the poles to bridge the gap. The electricity will flow through you and break the circuit. Closing the doors. A healthy woman woudn't die from the amout of current. In your condition though, there may be consequences..." The monitor flickered out again.

Cass swore and tried to shout at Jade not to do it. Katrina joined in, but their voices were lost in the ruch of air out the door.

"It's ok." She smiled down at the two women. Her mind a fog of pain, both physical and mental. In the last few hours she had come to know only Queeg and his challenge to save. To fulful her oath as a Doctor. To give up all she had for those around her. She grinned, the grin of one near madness and looked to the rack of monitors.

"Fuck you Queeg. We win."

She grabbed the poles. Rippling currents of pain arced through her and the door closed. She was frozen in place, unable to let go, the current contracting her muscles. She scremed. It all went dark.


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