The Cold Light of Day

OOC - Sorry, I've edited your snip a bit Jaxx as Jade doesn't curse really. Even in these cicumstances she hasn't yet sowrn or used curse words. Makes her harder to write for I know, but it's a good way to get into the mental fortitude of a nice, goodie too shoes person. :)

"The rules are changing Doctor Black. You don't have long to save them. You obviously aren't willing to give up enough." It was actually Queeg this time, not his puppet, baiting her into carring on.

"I see. Ok. Lets keep playing." She said, pushing through the pain and opening the next door.

Almost imediately the door slammed shut and the corridor was plunged into total, complete, doesn't matter if your eyes are open or shut, darkness. Sht felt along the wall, the metal cold to the touch, like that on the inside of a freezer door. If she had been able to see, she would have seen the blisters begining to appear on her skin from the burns and the white puffs of breath in the cold air.

She progressed in the dark, feeling forward with hands and feet slowly, for what felt like hours before she came across the sound of raised voices. She crossed the corridor gingerly and slammed her leg into a cross beam on the floor, the sound echoing across the halls. Her shins bloomed into a bright chorus of pain:

Suddenly Evelina could hear a noise above her. The noise began to get louder and louder till she heard a loud thud and a voice saying;
"OUCH Gosh darnit!!! Stupid beam!!" Evelina yelled up at the voice,
"HELLO??? Is someone up there?" Dr. Black looked down one of the holes nearby and saw Evelina holding up a barley conscious Jaxx. Dr. Jade said,
"Oh Shoot. How is he?" Evelina realized it was Dr. Black and answered,
"Jaxx is hurt bad Doc. Please help him."

The hatch was only small, big enough for her to see out of, but not enough to crawl through. Likewise, all Evelina was able to see, was Jade's pre-existing black eye. The Doctor peered down, taking in Jaxx condition. He was bad, had lost a lot of blood, more she thoguht, thatn she herself had lost. The wounds were still oozing slowly into the wet puddles that remained on the floor, the last of the water still slowly draining away, the dregs now being sucked up.

"Keep pressure on his wounds, try to stop the bleeding. I'll carry on... I'll... I'll do my best." She said, slilently, quietly, a small part of her resenting the woman for asking her to go on. For not letting her stop and be safe and to cry in a heap on the floor. She wondered, if Evlina would have asked had she known what she was going through? If she could see how badly broken her body already was.

Still, she carried on. The hippocratic oath burning in her mind. As she fumbled down the corridor towards a door that had opened close by, she began to chant it quietly.

"But I will preserve the purity of my life and my arts." The words gave her courage. The room was ice cold, the feeling taking her breath away. The door closed. "Asclepius guide me. Help me find what I need to help Jaxx."

She waited for Queeg. Nothing happened this time. No monitors, no rules. She looked around, the only features the circular pool of water, blocks of ice floating in the tank, and the metal pipes for filling it up. Evidently it was the over flow for the tank Jaxx and Evlina were in. Jade figured this out as the last trickes of water edging out of the filing pipes had an odd pink tint to it. Like watered down blood. She shuddered.

There was a message carved into the metal.

'Deep breath Doctor Black. Dive deep.'

She looked at the frigid water. Her skin was already screaming, although the cold was helping to slow the blood loss and ease the pain of the burns. She was shivering. Indecision eating away at her. She could stay here in the cold for a while longer but eventually the healing effects would start to kill her. Hypothermia, frostbite, eventually her heart would give out as it slowed and then stopped. She tried the door. Locked.

She took a deep breath.

Closed her eyes.

And plunged into the deep, dark, glacial tank. The siberian conditions as her whole body plunged into the depths screamed in shock. She had to break the surface as her lungs demanded new air already.

"Cold... So cold..." She murmered, gasping and trying to take slow deep breaths. Somewhere, she could have sworn, she heard the sounds of a hopital ward.

"Please, you have to go for the chemo Jade." It was Abby. Jade ignored the sound and dove into the depths again. She swam down, her lungs and body burning in the cold. She stole glances opening her eyes to the severe temperatures. At the bottom, she saw it. A small metal box.

She struck out for it. Knowing that if she could push off the bottom then she would be able to make it back up. Swimming she had no chance now. Decending the last few feet so as to grab the handle on the box. Fingers closing around it she twisted and shoved her feet against the harsh metal floor of the tank. Call it luck or not that her momentum unstuck her feet from the metal. Air escaped in a bubbled scream, turning into a choaking cough as she broke the surface.

She scrambled onto dry land and opened the box. A key to the door, blood packs and a syringe of purple MACO drugs. Shivering she opened the door, missing the lock twice. The air outside was tropical to her.

"E...Eve! H...Here." She stammered through the cold, throwing the box down to the GELF below. "P...Push the n...neeedle into his arm till you don't get any resistance. That's the vein. The blood will then drip through. I...Insert the syringe into..." She didn't get a chance to finish the sentance as the hatch slammed shut. Queeg deciding that enough was enough.

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