A Man An A Mission

Then Jaxx quickly slid before the worn out Evelina and flipped up his visor to show her his face. Evelina was having trouble seeing as she muttered, “Jaxx? Is that you?” Jaxx fought the urge to shed tears as Evelina’s voice sounded in pain, before answering, “Yeah Eve babe its me. Your gonna be ok now Eve babe, but you like have to totally pretend to be my servant babe in front of everyone else so we can escape. Ok?” Evelina muttered, “Ok, but I don’t feel so good Jaxx.” Jaxx picked up the weakened Evelina and placed her on the bed and then picked up a pitcher of water and a cup to serve her. Jaxx held Evelina’s head up as he encouraged her to drink as much water as she could handle before letting her rest on the bed. Then Jaxx sat next to Evelina on the bed and held her hand as he waited for Alternate Jaxx aka Anubis to return.

Jaxx waited patiently as he watched Evelina get the color back in her face from being re-hydrated. After a while, a different servant girl brought Jaxx’s bag to his room. Jaxx closed his visor while the servant girl was there and looked at her quietly. The young girl was afraid to look at Jaxx as she stood still staring at the ground. Jaxx waited for her to leave but she stood still as if waiting for more orders. Jaxx stood up from the bed and looked down at her confused. Jaxx held his arms in a ‘WHAT’ pose before the girl, which sparked the girl to shutter as she reached into her pouch and shyly handed Jaxx an item wrapped in cloth. The girl was afraid to get hurt from Jaxx as she closed her eyes and shook with fear. Jaxx looked at the item and then gently took it from the girl’s hand.

The girl stood shaking in a cold sweat even after Jaxx took the item she presented. Jaxx looked at the item and the girl then patted her on the top of her head and then pointed to the door. The girl opened her eyes when she felt the pat on her head and saw she was not going to be punished. Still trembling she stood there in shock as she had rarely seen mercy in this manner before, especially by any guest of Ra. Jaxx could clearly see she was too scared to leave so he looked around and saw the bowl of fruit on the table so he walked over and grabbed a nice apple like fruit and tossed it to the girl. The girl barely caught the fruit since she was still trembling in fear. Then Jaxx pointed to the door again in hopes she would leave. The girl then nodded as she held her fruit close to her heart and left the room. As the girl left the room Jaxx barely saw her crack a small smile as a tear rolled down her left eye when she closed the door.

Jaxx sighed as he felt like a jerk for not being nicer to the poor girl but he had to do what (Alternate Jaxx) Anubis said or Evelina would be in danger. Jaxx opened the wrapped item and looked at it. The device was some kind of weird technology and it had a small piece of fabric with it. Jaxx opened the small cloth and saw some alien writing on it. It took a few seconds for Jaxx to realize it was written in ancient Calamar. As Jaxx read the message on the cloth he realized it was instructions for helping Evelina.

The message read:
“Jaxx by now you should have Evelina, hers and your belongings and this package I sent you. I wrote it in Calamar so only we will understand it incase it is seen by someone else. I will be delayed a bit so stay in your room till I come and get you. In the mean time I want you to take the device from this cloth and hold it by the device on Evelina’s arm. (Jaxx did as the note said.) Now you will see three buttons on the device. First push the top button till the light on the Evelina’s device blinks. (Jaxx did as the note said.) Now push the second button till the light turns yellow. (Jaxx did as the note said and saw the blood in the tube went back into Evelina.) Ok now this part it very important as hold your hand over Evelina’s mouth to hide her scream and push the third button till it turns red then push the button next to the light on Evelina’s device and it will pop off. (Jaxx did as the note said and covered Evelina’s scream of pain as the device shut down. Then Jaxx pushed the last button to make the device fall off.) Now that you removed the device she should recover in a while. Make sure she has plenty of food, water and rest for now till I get back. By the way all your gear and weapons are in your bags so keep them hidden till I get back.”

Evelina clamed down after a while and Jaxx removed his hand from her mouth. Out of instinct Evelina tried to attack Jaxx till she saw his face from the open visor. She was relieved as she saw his big goofy face and lay back down on her back and muttered, “Where are Jaxx?” Jaxx sighed then whispered, “Ok Eve babe, first off I am totally glad you are ok and stuff, second I need you to pretend to be my servant in front of others till we can escape ok. (Evelina looked confused but nodded ok). Ok we are like in a desert place now that is run by some wicked heinous girly dude name Ra who totally thinks he is a sun god. Some how he totally thinks I work for some shark god and can’t talk out of water. So like he thinks I am here for an alliance and stuff. After that I ran into the other smarter me from this world and he like goes by Anubis here. Anubis told me we are like going to be in the middle of a rebellion soon so we need to like chill here till he like comes back. So like you need rest and eat up so we can be totally ready. Oh and by the way Eve babe our stuff is like in our bags on the floor.”

Evelina blinked her eyes as she said, “Wow I missed a lot while I was out. So why am I dressed like this?” Jaxx blushed as he looked at Evelina’s sheer harem attire as he replied, “Ummm you came here like that.” Jaxx was glad Evelina could not see Jaxx’s true excitement since it was hidden behind his armor. Jaxx got up and brought some fruit and water to Evelina who had a lot more questions for Jaxx.


We walked through the market-place with Lady Jamie ‘guarding’ us and Man-Jamie pretending to be another guard - Hasina having knocked out Poo and Kitten (bleh)’s real guard, and taken his outfit. In keeping with most of the other clothes here, his outfit is pretty skimpy. Hasina found this amusing. He did not, enquiring why he couldn't have just kept his previous costume on. Hasina asked where the fun in that was.
Hasina is pretty much the one in control, and seems to know what’s going on more than the rest of us. We’re sort of just doing what she says. We’re out and about because she thought ‘Alexander and Jaahday’ might be useful to gather some information. She also wants to find and talk to 'Anubis' - who is Jaxx's alternate.
From chatting awkwardly with the locals – having to act like a couple of prats to convince them we're the wally versions of us - we’ve learned that Ra is having a great feast tonight, and we are invited to attend. Hasina says being 'invited' by Ra means ‘you go or you die’. Lovely.

Anubis watched Hasina from the distance as she led the group through the market. He stayed in the shadows so the public wouldn’t see him. Then Anubis used the headset in his helmet to send a message to Hasina, “Fancy a kebab? “ Hasina quickly recognized the voice. Anubis wanted to meet secretly in the back room of his favorite food joint “Baba Yagas” As she looked around she could not see where he was hiding as smirked at the thought of someone so big could hide so well in public.


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