Losing someone gets easier

Jade placed a sympathetic hand on Katrinas shoulder.
“Come on” she said “Let’s go and get a coffee or something” she said softly, and steered Katrina by the shoulders toward the door as Phi looked over the monitors, making notes.
“Everything we’ve been through…everything she gave up…for nothing…” Katrina said weakly.
“I know…” Jade said “But we had to try…”
“I need to tell the others…” Katrina said between sobs.
“Not now. Rest. Get your head strai,…”
“DOCTOR BLACK!” Phi yelled across the medi-bay.
“What? What is it?”
“His hearts started again! His vitals, they’re….stablising!”
“What? But he was…”
“See for yourself!”
Jade ran back into the room followed by Katrina.
“Quick Phi, pass me a scanner!” Jade yelled.
Phi obliged and Jade did a quick scan of Jay’s body.
“It’s working!” She squeaked “His organs are repairing themselves! He’s…he’s going to be ok!”
Katrinas tears went from tears of sorrow and anquish, to tears of happiness and joy as she watched the monitor displays change from critical to stable.
Jade and Phi buzzed around Jay, injecting him with syringes, taking blood samples, administering drugs to help the recovery. They worked in silence, moving quickly all around Jay as Katrina looked on in anticipation.
“….what……..the…SMEG…did Phil force me to drink this time?” Jay’s voice broke the silence.

<c'mon...did you really think Jay was gonna go down like that?>

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