Underwater Groove

Cass came through the vortex first, her desert robes billowing around her in the wind blown up by the gate Seymour and the other archmage’s had conjured
"Holly" she snapped, striding past the wide mouthed Seymour in his wheelchair and up to the nearest public access monitor "What's Jay's status? How long have we been away?"
The AI's disembodied head bobbed onto the screen as the other Dwarfers began emerging from the trans-dimensional portal
"Orrite dude" it beamed "How's it hanging?"
"I asked a question"
"How long have we been away?" Katrina called as she hurried over to join Cassandra "Is Jay okay?"
“Well!?” Cass glowered at the AI on the monitor
"You've been away thirty six hours, fourteen minutes and twenty eight seconds" Holly reported, to the two women's immense relief "Chrysler's condition has deteriorated these last twelve hours, Ms. Moreau reporting multiple organ failure"
"How's Jay?" Jade demanded, hurrying over to join them
"Not good" Cass said heavily as Katrina clapped a hand over her mouth, tears glistening in her eyes
"Damn it" the doctor hissed, turning from the monitor "I'm heading up there now"
"What do we do?" Katrina asked from behind her hand, struggling to keep the emotion out of her voice
"What we must" Cass turned from the monitor with a shake of her head "It's all been leading to this anyway" she glanced back at Katrina "C'mon let's go see him"

Jaxx and Evelina watched as the Jade, Cass and Kat were frantic over Jay’s status. Jaxx was still sore from his fight and the effects of the double dose of MACO juice he took earlier. As Jaxx struggled to breath Evelina asked, “Jaxx do you need to see the Doc?” Jaxx waved his hand as he said, “Its cool Eve babe, I just need a bath and a nap. Evelina raised an eyebrow at Jaxx and said, “Why are your trying to be brave for me?” Jaxx looked around to make sure the others couldn’t hear him as he whispered, “I have to be brave for them Eve babe. They are so heinously working around the clock to save Jay dude. So if I interfered with some minor injuries that would be totally selfish and so not cool.” Evelina sighed as she whispered, “Why do you do put yourself through hell for them when you say they don’t like you?” Jaxx smiled as he said, “When I do it for them its totally for atonement, but when I like do it for you its cause I totally care.” Evelina smiled and said, “Alight tough guy I’ll compromise this time and take you to your lab so Holly can check you out.

Jaxx and Evelina made their way to Jaxx’s lab and put down their gear inside. Evelina said, “Holly can you use this equipment to scan Jaxx’s vitals?” Holly appeared, on a monitor and replied, “Alloe dude and dudette? How was your trip?” Jaxx smiled and said, “Most heinous Holly dude. Eve babe wants you to make sure I’m healthy using my gnarly lab tech.” Evelina said, “Sorry Holly for being rude I am just a bit worried and all.” Holly looked at Jaxx and said, “No problem just have ‘em strip down and get inna tank.” Evelina helped Jaxx out of his armor and was amazed how much sand was trapped in it. Jaxx was down to his Hawaiian shirt and MACO Speedo now. Then she helped Jaxx up the ladder and into a tank after putting on his VR helmet. Holly spoke up, “Ok then lets see….switching VR helmet to medical mode…………activating med scans……and now we wait.” Evelina asked, “So how long will this take?” Holly thought for a second and then replied, “About a few hours or so?” Evelina sighed as she said, “Well I may as well clean up while I wait.” Holly asked, “Well lass mind telling me about your little adventure while you tidy up a bit?” Evelina shrugged her shoulders and said, “Sure it will help pass the time.” Evelina put their equipment back into the lockers after cleaning the sand out into an empty MACO tank as she explained their adventures to Holly.

“DOCTOR BLACK!” Phi yelled across the medi-bay.
“What? What is it?”
“His hearts started again! His vitals, they’re….stablising!”
“What? But he was…”
“See for yourself!”
Jade ran back into the room followed by Katrina.
“Quick Phi, pass me a scanner!” Jade yelled.
Phi obliged and Jade did a quick scan of Jay’s body.
“It’s working!” She squeaked “His organs are repairing themselves! He’s…he’s going to be ok!”
Katrinas tears went from tears of sorrow and anquish, to tears of happiness and joy as she watched the monitor displays change from critical to stable.
Jade and Phi buzzed around Jay, injecting him with syringes, taking blood samples, administering drugs to help the recovery. They worked in silence, moving quickly all around Jay as Katrina looked on in anticipation.
“….what……..the…SMEG…did Phil force me to drink this time?” Jay’s voice broke the silence.

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