Shut Up And Drive 5


<SNIP> Jade
She felt taller, older, more like her old self again but the memory of why they were there was still fuzzy. Still not quite there. She knew that they had to protect the tree, to rescue her friends and protect the tree. More men trooped out of the baracks and set up in the bunkers. Looking into the reflective surface of the metal baracks she saw herself and instantly recognised her new avatar as that of a Ghost. An elite sniper able to cloak.

As Jade activated the F.A.I.L.S.A.F.E., Plisken felt himself change - like he was gaining more power. Large, Christmas Tree like structures erupted from the ground, waves of energy building up to a spherical generator at the top. A lethal bolt of lightning lashed out and struck the boulder, blowing it to dust. Lil' Plisky himself found himself clad in a purple great coat, his hat's floppy crown becoming strong and tall. He still retained his child like height and mind but he was stronger, more powerful. He was a Black Mage.

As soon as the power flowed through the system Jaxx felt an awesome rush surging through his body. Gummy Jaxx got excited as he yelled, "This is totally awesome!" As he looked down he noticed he was wearing a Shark boy costume now. In his excitement he pulled over to see what happened. As Gummy Jaxx pulled over he saw Silky Eve pull over too. Silky Eve jumped out of her car and looked at herself and Gummy Jaxx as she said, "Wow Gummy Jaxx we got new costumes again." Gummy Jaxx was excited as he replied, "Its totally cool Silky Eve babe."

Jaxx looked like a shark boy superhero now and as he jumped up and down he noticed he could easily jump high with out trying. While trying to do a flip Gummy Jaxx landed face first into the ground only to see he could burrow underground like a landshark. After popping up Gummy Jaxx spit some candy dirt from his mouth. Then Gummy Jaxx thought for a second and turned to the nearest jawbreaker and hit it really hard. When nothing happened Silky Eve laughed as she said, "Silly Gummy Jaxx you can't break that. Its too strong." Gummy Jaxx took in a deep breath and began pounding his powerful fists into the large jawbreaker repeatedly till it broke in half. Silky Eve was shocked as she said, "No way Gummy Jaxx you did." Jaxx crossed his arms and tried to pose cool as he closed his eyes and replied, "It was like not that big a deal." Silky Eve snuck over to Gummy Jaxx while he was trying to look cool with his eyes closed and kissed him on the cheek.

Jaxx totally lost his composure as he began to stutter and blush red. Silky Eve giggled at Gummy Jaxx as she said, "Your cute when you get all red in the face." Gummy Jaxx got embarrassed as he replied, "Awww gee Silky Eve babe, I was trying to look cool for you." Silky Eve giggled as she kissed his cheek again and said, "I know but I already like you cause you make me laugh." Gummy Jaxx blushed even more as he replied, "Your so cool Silky Eve babe." Silky Eve said, "Thanks Gummy Jaxx. It was then that Gummy Jaxx noticed what Silky Eve was wearing.

Silky Eve was wearing high tech goggles and a black tight suit with silver metal armor all over it. On her back was a collapsed jet-pack with folded wings. Silky Eve pushed the button on her belt and the jet-pack and wings opened up. Gummy Jaxx replied, "SWEET! THAT IS SO AWESOME!" Silky Eve then moved her hands a little and she began flying around and little little she began doing crazy flying loops and buzzed by Gummy Jaxx a few times trying to kiss him again.

“WAAAAAHOOOOOO!!!!” It was incredible! He could run about ten times faster than he should be able to.

He did feel a bit different, after all. He felt faster, and stronger.

After about a minute, he realised he’d gone a long way back up the track and thought Plisky might be getting worried on his own, so he turned around and zoomed back over to him.

So, for some reason, he’d turned into a Cat-hooded White Mage with Power Sneakers. He wondered what Gummy Jaxx, Silky Eve, Jammy Liquorice and the others had changed into. He also wondered what had happened to little Jade Blackjack. He thought he could remember playing kiss chase with her once. Where was that wild haired little boy, too? Also, what had happened to Little Jay after he’d gone off with all those spiky people after him?
Li’l Plisky was pointing again, this time at some of the spiky people who were heading towards them down the track.

"They're coming..."

Silky Eve then picked up Gummy Jaxx from behind and gave him a ride. Gummy Jaxx's face lit up like a Christmas tree as Silky Eve held him tightly around the chest as they flew all around the sky. As the two flew around Silky Eve was looking at an excited Gummy Jaxx and began to giggle as she liked seeing him like this. Then for some reason she leaned over and kissed his ear. Gummy Jaxx freaked out by the kiss and spazzed out just enough for Silky Eve to loose her grip on Gummy Jaxx. As Gummy Jaxx was falling he looked up and saw a concerned Silky Eve racing towards him as high speeds. Just before Jaxx hit the ground he was saved by Silky Eve. After circling around to slow down Silky Eve landed and released Gummy Jaxx.

Silky Eve felt bad that Gummy Jaxx almost got hurt and muttered, "I'm sorry Gummy Jaxx. I.." Gummy Jaxx turned to Silky Eve with an excited look on his face as he interrupted, "That was totally awesome Silky Eve babe!" Gummy Jaxx saw tears welling in Silky Eve's eyes as she looked down. Gummy Jaxx gave Silky Eve a big hug and said, "Your the best Eve babe." Silky Eve suddenly remembered what they were doing and then hugged Gummy Jaxx back. Gummy Jaxx asked, "Silky Eve your so pretty and smart. I know I'm a big dumb boy and I am not as cool as the other guys, but will you be my girlfriend? I promise to do my best at stuff." Silky Eve was shocked as Gummy Jaxx asked and didn't respond. Silky Eve held back her tears as she hugged Gummy Jaxx tighter till she could get her composure.

Then Silky Eve pulled away from Gummy Jaxx as she smiled and replied, "Hmmmm...... well I can't just let you win that easy. I'm not that kind of girl." Gummy Jaxx started to get sad as he replied, "Oh. ok." Then Silky Eve saw Jaxx's response and quickly added, "But since you insist I'll let you take the boyfriend Test." Jaxx got his hopes up again as asked, "I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it! .......What the boyfriend test?" Silky Eve thought for a second and said, "Well.....its a test to see how much you like me. If you can pass most of the challenges then I'll be your girlfriend." Jaxx looked like a hungry child in a candy store as he got excited as asked, "So like what do I do first?" Silky Eve looked around and said, "Help me beat the bad guys and win this race." Gummy Jaxx jumped and shouted, "Yes lets totally do this."

The two kids jumped into their cars and spun out as they continued the race.


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