Shut Up And Drive 6

“Plisky!” shouted Al.
Lil’ Plisky’s eyes burst open and he stared at the violent flames that danced on his hands. He was mesmerised by the playfulness of the flames, the quick and light movements of the fire. But then it slowly sunk in that his hands were on fire.
“Ah!” he cried as he waved his hands about, trying to put out the blaze. One of the balls of fire shot from his hand and collided with the large bullet. Al cheered at the success.
“Look Al, I did it!” But in Plisky’s distracted state, another bullet launched and smacked into the rear wheels of the kart, spinning it out of control. The kart flipped and tumbled off the cliff, taking the two boys with it.

Meanwhile Gummy Jaxx and Silky Eve were still in the race. As Silky Eve was flying in her Silky Chocolate Jet Cupcake Kart, Gummy Jaxx was racing down the road behind her. As the evil black cars tried to shoot Silky Eve down Gummy Jaxx would burrow his Kart underground in Land Shark mode and pop up as he flipped the evil car over with a super punch from underneath. Jaxx yelled at the Evil cars, "Leave Silky Eve babe alone you poo poo heads!" Gummy Jaxx stuck out his tongue and gave a raspberry to the evil flipping cars as the crashed and exploded.

After a series of breaking blockades Silky Eve found a safe area to land at and pulled over as Gummy Jaxx caught up to her and pulled over. Silky Eve said, "Wow Gummy Jaxx you want to pass my boyfriend test huh?" Gummy Jaxx blushed as he rubbed his neck with an embarrassed grin and said, " I doing ok Silky Eve babe?" Silky Eve giggled at the nervous Gummy Jaxx and said, "Well so far your doing alright, but we haven't won yet so don't let me see you slacking off ok." Gummy Jaxx nodded yes furiously as he replied, "I totally promise to do my best!"

Silky Eve giggled at Gummy Jaxx again then looked around as she said, "Anyway while I was flying I saw a large tower way up ahead. I think it may be a marker or the end of the track." Gummy Jaxx replied, "So we need to get to the tower huh? Well when ever your ready Silky Eve babe." Silky Eve said, "Looks like it. Hey wait here for a sec ok?" Then Silky Eve jumped out of her Kart and ran to a near by candy apple tree and pulled off a few candy apples. After she returned she gave a few to Gummy Jaxx and said, "Here ya go Gummy Jaxx we are gonna need a full tummy to win this race." Gummy Jaxx smiled at Silky Eve as he said, "Your the best Eve babe." Silky Eve suddenly had a flashback of her and Jaxx as grown ups in different places as she heard Jaxx repeat 'Your the best Eve babe.' As Silky Eve was having her flashback Gummy Jaxx guzzled down his candy apples.

Suddenly she remembered that they were fighting the virus and said, "Come on Jaxx we are still in this race. Lets go." Gummy Jaxx smiled as he replied, "Lead the way Silky Eve babe."

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