Road Construction

After some deliberation, the assault team felt they were ready to go. "Okay, so we'll use the concrete barriers to fence off the alley, and use the construction truck plus the road cones to divert it into the alley. Once there, Artemis will subdue the guards with the Catrantula venom and I'll drive the truck back here" Jay said. "Sounds solid" commented Evelina. "Yes...." added a pale looking Artemis. "Judge Pritchard, are you okay?" Jay asked. "I...don't know" Artemis replied. "Well, go get the duffel bag from your room, it might have something in there to help alleviate that" Evelina said, referring to the onset of the STCP drugs that were slowly killing Artemis. Evelina and Jay continued to rough out the edges, and cross checked with the Stealth team to ensure that their plans were synchronized.

Artemis entered the room, sweating like a pig. The "judge" sat down on the bed, next to the bag. "BLUE DWARF INNOVATIVE SCIENCES DEPARTMENT" was written on the side in white stenciling, the name caused the Judge's headache to worsen. He unzipped the bag and sifted through it looking for something useful. He spotted something in a mesh see-through pocket. He pulled the object out, it was a photo of a wild-haired man in a flashy white suit and an off-pink robot with a white veil.

"And do you, Artie, take this Sentient Skutter to be your groovy wife?" Holly said. "I do" Artemis said, smiling. "Then, by the power invested in my by the Jupiter Mining Company, I now pronounce you man and machine-wife....

Artemis' head started pounding profusely. He felt weak, and fainted. Minutes later he awoke, feeling different. "What the hell?" He mumbled, pulling his helmet off. "What in fresh smeg is this?" Artemis commented, examining the helmet, then his attire. Suddenly, the drug induced memories came back to him. I thought I was a judge? The Missus will love this He thought, not realizing that in less than 24 hours he'd be dead if the rogue enforcers didn't give him the antidote. Artemis grabbed the bag, and went back downstairs helmetless

"Hello Mr. Chrysler, Mrs. Stone" Artemis said, entering the room again. "Hell Judge...wait, what?" Evelina said. "You're....normal?" She added. "Yes, as normal as I can get with this shit in my body. I do believe that the sight of my wedding picture pulled my regular persona from the depths of my drug addled mind" Evelina didn't know whether it was adorable that Artemis' wedding photo brought him back, or a sign of relief that he didn't think he was a comic book character anymore. "So, we talked with the Stealth team...oh, by the way, Phil says to give this to you" Jay handed Artemis his disposable camera. "He says Mini-Phil stole it while you were Dredding" Artemis shrugged..."Oh! Mr. Chrysler, take a photo of me as 'Judge Pritchard' for The Missus, she'll love it!" Jay shook his head. "Alright, toss it here". After taking the picture, the three got back to planning.

"Okay, so the construction company stores their equipment we'll head there first to snatch up the equipment. Evelina and I will pose as workers and direct the truck down this ally, where we'll have concrete barriers blocking the exit. Once it's in the alley we'll block the other end with the construction truck. Artemis, you'll incapacitate the guards with the catrantuala venom and recover their uniforms. Once we're done we'll get into position to help the Stealth team. There's only going to be two men's uniforms, so Evelina will have to hide in the truck until she can rejoin us stealthily. Once we're inside and the vault is open we'll subdue any guards in that area and hold the entrance for the Stealth team, any questions?" (OOC-will this work? Feel free to change it)

Evelina and Artemis shook their heads. "Good, let's get to work" The trio recovered the car that had been used by Alex, Artemis, Jaxx, Evelina and Boyd in their earlier endeavors and set out for the construction yard.

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