Action Jaxx

“Jaxx: Since we’re all, weirdly, hampered with looking like celebrities...” Cassandra paused to roll her eyes at this “I swear I look nothing like the woman” she grumbled “Anyway, we’ll all attract way too much attention; so can you source us some gasmasks and gas grenades? - If you can find anything better, that’d be great!
“We detonate the EMP at four this afternoon, just before the staff open the vault for the Assault team. This will fry the security overrides
“After that, we move in, in unison with the Assault Team; we kill the lights, disengage all the security gates and flood the place with tear gas
“This nanosuit’s armoured, so I’ll go in with Jaxx and Kenneth to suppress any resistance. After that, we re-engage the gates, and then I reckon we’ve about two minutes before security get their shit together and realise what we’re doing. We crack the safe, lift the rifle and then get the fuck out of there”
“I’ll go in on that as well” Katrina nodded “You’ll likely need my combat experience”
“What about me?” Jade asked
“Well, you’re with me, helping source expensive things and parts for the EMP if Jamie and Kat need any extras; but after that: I dunno...” Cass shrugged “Backup? Someone to cause diversionary chaos out on the casino floor? Do you drive? – We could use a car and a driver...”

Thanks for all the input so far guys; unless anyone has any alternative suggestions, here’s what we have:
Jaxx: tear gas and gasmask detail (fun in a gunshop?)
Jamie / Kat: EMP construction and part sourcing – are there any tough to obtain parts that need Tom Hank’s personal touch?
Jade / Cass: Car / EMP part sourcing – let us know what you need
Boyd: Combination lock extraction or help Jaxx if that takes your fancy instead – we’ll just say the combination was a formality

Oh, and I guess someone should let the Assault Team know they need gasmasks too ;-)

Skutter Jaxx nodded at the crew as he said in his monotone voice, “Sounds like a most heinous plan Miss Jones. I’ll call Eve babe about the gas masks and totally bring extras in case. Now since we are totally burning daylight I like need to get going and stuff.” Jade asked, “Do you have any idea where to get gas masks and tear gas?” Skutter Jaxx nodded as he said, “Sure thing Doc. I saw it in one of Eve babes movies.” The crew looked at each other a bit nervous and then back at Jaxx before Cass asked, “Jaxx are you sure you have a plan that will work?” Jaxx gave a monotoned chuckle before replying, “Relax peoples, I totally got it covered. Just focus on make your EMT bomb thingy.” Jaxx lowered himself down and then looked at the crew as he said, “Hey dudes and dudettes this mission is totally intense so like please be careful and stuff. We like may not be good friends or family all the time, but I totally got used to seeing your mugs in the morning so don’t die and stuff.” The crew was mixed with odd feelings by Jaxx’s words as they all replied with a nod. Skutter Jaxx looked at Boyd as he said, “I’ll like take Psyche dude with me since he like can’t read my mind and stuff and you all will totally have your hands full.” Skutter Jaxx saw Cass mouth the word ‘Thanks’ and gave a small nod as he and Boyd left the hotel.


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