Cass looked at her computer pad as she said, “Hmmmm……..If Kenneth gets put into the vault, Jaxx gasses the guards and I control the video footage it would make it easier for us to get Boyd next to everyone till we get the combo." Katrina interrupted, "However the problem will be anyone new who enters the room. Any ideas on how we resolve that?” Cass looked at Katrina and said, "Well Jaxx can keep gassing them and the EMP may allow us an escape in the confusion. Gimmie a minute to analyze the plan on my pad."
She flopped back into the plush confines her chair and folded her arms, a frown knitting her brow
“No wait...” she grumbled, half to herself “Wait, wait, wait... That’s not right. We can’t EMP the place with Jaxx and Kenneth in situ; it’ll kill them”
Leaning forward, she snatched her terminal up, and swiped away at the screen
“I do like the idea of gassing the employees though” Cass murmured, her eyes flicking up to fix on Jade “How certain are you that you can formulate something in...” she paused to glance down at the chronometer on the screen “four and a half hours?”
The doctor grimaced and raised her hands to gesture helplessly
“That’s pretty tight,” she began “I’m much more a surgical than a pharmacological specialist. I’ll need chemicals and a lab...”
“It’s a no go” Katrina shook her head “We don’t have time”
“I concur” Cass muttered, moving her hands over the terminal “Piece of shit era” she complained, her frown deepening
“Why’s that?” Katrina asked
“Looks like most of the hazardous chemicals are controlled, so we can’t go brewing any decent nerve agents anyway”
“How about tear gas?”
“What’s that?” Cass raised her eyebrows to regard Katrina
“It’s a primitive form of riot pacification” the other woman shrugged “They used to use it before they invented rubber nuclear weapons”
“Huh...” Cass bent over her terminal to rattle her fingers across the screen
“C’mon, c’mon...” she growled “Fucking bandwitdth’s laughable... Ah, here we are: Gun shops in this state sell the two ounce size grenades... Is two ounces a lot?”
“One gram is approximately 0.035274 of an ounce” Kenneth intoned
“So, 56.699 grams?” Cass didn’t even have to pause to work it out “That’s nothing”
“Just a handful of grenades should be more than sufficient” Katrina retorted “This is an enclosed underground area, remember?”
“Yeah, and I’ve read about the stuff” Jamie added “It’ll take about thirty seconds to take effect; but it’ll knock the fight out of anyone without a gasmask”
“Thirty seconds is more than enough time to shoot a lot of people” Jade observed
“Good point” Jamie nodded
“Okay here’s the plan” Cass said after a moment’s consideration “Jamie, Kat: Build us an EMP; nothing fancy, but it needs to be concealable in a briefcase – Let us know if you need help sourcing any of the parts
“The briefcase gets stashed in the vault; ostensibly to keep a diamond necklace safe, or some other such shit that we’ll pick up from one of the boutiques. Boyd can come with us and pull the combination while he’s there
“Jaxx: Since we’re all, weirdly, hampered with looking like celebrities...” Cassandra paused to roll her eyes at this “I swear I look nothing like the woman” she grumbled “Anyway, we’ll all attract way too much attention; so can you source us some gasmasks and gas grenades? - If you can find anything better, that’d be great!
“We detonate the EMP at four this afternoon, just before the staff open the vault for the Assault team. This will fry the security overrides
“After that, we move in, in unison with the Assault Team; we kill the lights, disengage all the security gates and flood the place with tear gas
“This nanosuit’s armoured, so I’ll go in with Jaxx and Kenneth to suppress any resistance. After that, we re-engage the gates, and then I reckon we’ve about two minutes before security get their shit together and realise what we’re doing. We crack the safe, lift the rifle and then get the fuck out of there”
“I’ll go in on that as well” Katrina nodded “You’ll likely need my combat experience”
“What about me?” Jade asked
“Well, you’re with me, helping source expensive things and parts for the EMP if Jamie and Kat need any extras; but after that: I dunno...” Cass shrugged “Backup? Someone to cause diversionary chaos out on the casino floor? Do you drive? – We could use a car and a driver...”

Thanks for all the input so far guys; unless anyone has any alternative suggestions, here’s what we have:
Jaxx: tear gas and gasmask detail (fun in a gunshop?)
Jamie / Kat: EMP construction and part sourcing – are there any tough to obtain parts that need Tom Hank’s personal touch?
Jade / Cass: Car / EMP part sourcing – let us know what you need
Boyd: Combination lock extraction or help Jaxx if that takes your fancy instead – we’ll just say the combination was a formality

Oh, and I guess someone should let the Assault Team know they need gasmasks too ;-)

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