Still Planning

Kat pursed her lips
“We’d need an advanced power source”
“And one or two of the other parts won’t be easy to get hold of” Jamie grumbled, absently stroking his chin where he had, up until recently, had a beard
“Perhaps you can cannibalise something from our equipment for the power source?” Cass suggested “Maybe one of the spare pulse rifles? Let us know what other parts you’ll need...”
“So what happens after we, like, blow the safe up?” Jaxx asked in his monotone voice
“It won’t actually get blown up Jaxx, so there won’t be anything to see or hear; but after we detonate the weapon... That part of the plan’s a bit hazy,” Cass admitted “We need to do something about all the guards and the employees, and then get the vault door open in time for the assault squad turning up”
She paused to frown and look around her companions
“Any suggestions?”
Let's hear your ideas about that and what your opinions are about building a crude EMP weapon
If we're going for the EMP, what parts will we need?

Skutter Jaxx looked at Cassandra for a few moments as everyone was thinking. Then Skutter Jaxx asked in a monotone voice, “What about that stuff that Artemis used?” Cass looked at Skutter Jaxx and replied, “You mean his mutant spider venom? I don’t see how we can use that considering Artemis is not here and it has to be used real close.” Skutter Jaxx shook his head as he said, “I know Miss Jones but like can’t Doc Black make something like that stuff in a gas form so I can spray it in to the air ducts since Ken dude and I totally don’t need to breath?” Jade spoke up, “Well I could make something that causes paralysis or lack of motor control in an aerosol, but we will need an antidote or gas masks if we enter the area.” Cass looked at her computer pad as she said, “Hmmmm……..If Kenneth gets put into the vault, Jaxx gasses the guards and I control the video footage it would make it easier for us to get Boyd next to everyone till we get the combo." Katrina interrupted, "However the problem will be anyone new who enters the room. Any ideas on how we resolve that?” Cass looked at Katrina and said, "Well Jaxx can keep gassing them and the EMP may allow us an escape in the confusion. Gimmie a minute to analyze the plan on my pad."


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