"If we need the diversion, I'll make sure you have a way out." Cass said, weighing up options.
“So what do we reckon to just pushing the rifle into the air vent for Jaxx?” Jade asked
Cass shook her head
“Two things,” she said, holding up a hand and counting each point off on her fingers “One: Movement in the vault when it’s meant to be secure will have the guards in an immediate lockdown frenzy
"Two: The only vents inside the vault are misters for the Argoinite extinguisher system; they’re not only isolated, but they’re so tiny, that even Jaxx wouldn't be able to gain access. Other than that, I agree - putting Kenneth into storage isn’t such a bad plan
“Speaking of Jaxx” Cass continued, turning to nod towards the skutter sat at the end of the table “The extra cameras would have been a great idea if we had another day or two for surveillance; but as it is, we’ll have to use Boyd here to extract the combination telepathically”
“Or we could start torturing people” Katrina interjected
Cass favoured her with a faint smile, privately wondering if she had any preferred victims in mind
“That’s plan B”
"Okay then; how about we store Kenneth, and when they open the safe for the security truck, he re-activates, grabs the rifle and shoots his way out of there?" Jade tried again “He’s invulnerable right?”
"It might work, but it's high risk" Cass nodded "There's still the chance he could get locked inside if he wasn't able to crack the deposit box and make it out quickly enough"
“You forgot to mention anything about locked deposit boxes” Jade grumbled peevishly
“Sorry” Cass gave her a half-smile “I figured they would be the least of our worries”
"So, do we even know which box this rifle is stored in?" Jamie frowned "We could be searching for hours"
"Yeah, sure," Cass paused to tap away at her terminal "Box 421; left hand side of the vault; it’s a simple electronic key lock, which I reckon I should be able to crack in a few seconds. What do you reckon Kenneth? - Think you can manage it quickly enough?"
"I'm an action hero kinda guy," Ken shrugged "not a criminal"
Cass curled her lip in disdain at the implied insult
"I'll take that as a no, shall I?" she asked dryly
"So what were your ideas?" Katrina asked, flopping back into her seat and folding her arms as she regarded Cassandra with an unreadable expression
"I think we should detonate an EMP inside the vault and fry the override lockout circuits; the guards won't know what's happened since all the electrics inside the vault will be dead, but the analogue door and its combination lock will still function just fine"
“That’s a sure-fire way of disabling the overrides alright” Jamie nodded thoughtfully “Where would we get an EMP from, and how do we get it into the vault?”
“I thought you and Kat could build us one,” Cass shrugged “The circuits in this era won’t be hardened, so even a crude one will work. After that we conceal it in a briefcase along something valuable – say, a couple million worth of diamonds that we can buy with the expense account, and then we jam the whole lot into the vault”
Kat pursed her lips
“We’d need an advanced power source”
“And one or two of the other parts won’t be easy to get hold of” Jamie grumbled, absently stroking his chin where he had, up until recently, had a beard
“Perhaps you can cannibalise something from our equipment for the power source?” Cass suggested “Maybe one of the spare pulse rifles? Let us know what other parts you’ll need...”
“So what happens after we, like, blow the safe up?” Jaxx asked in his monotone voice
“It won’t actually get blown up Jaxx, so there won’t be anything to see or hear; but after we detonate the weapon... That part of the plan’s a bit hazy,” Cass admitted “We need to do something about all the guards and the employees, and then get the vault door open in time for the assault squad turning up”
She paused to frown and look around her companions
“Any suggestions?”

Let's hear your ideas about that and what your opinions are about building a crude EMP weapon
If we're going for the EMP, what parts will we need?

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