Fame and its perils

"If I may." Kenneth interjected. "Regular hourly visits are performed and the vault accessed according to my scans. They access money and secure the high vaule goods and products guests value. It would be a simple matter for me to turn off my projection and either pose as a valuable item to be stowed away, or hide on a guards personage and stow away inside the vault. All you would need to do when aproaching the vault is knock." Kenneth beamed at his logical deductions and noisilly slurped the cola, 20g of ice, hold the lemon.

"Couldn't we then just shove everything into the air vent and get Jaxx to drag it back out into the hotel somewhere?" Jade asked.

It was at that point that the door opened, and a flustered Jamie stepped in to join them.

"My god I want to get out of here." He said, almost collapsing at the table with the others.

"Where have you been?!?" Pretty much everyone said, with minor profanities included for the more prone to swearing members of the team. Jamie glance up at them all with a look that said 'you don't want to know'.

"Apparently," he began, "I look like Tom Hanks. There are a thousand women out there dying to get hold of me. It took this long to lose them all."

"Well." Jade said. "Looks like we have our best candidate for a celebrity diversion then."

At that point, Boyd screamed and fell off his chair. Everyone blinked, glanced at Boyd, then back to Jamie.

"That bad?" Katrina asked. Jamie looked at her and sighed.

"Jay told me the plan when he pointed me this way. I'll do it just because we have to do this." Jamie conceded. "But I don't think anyone is going to believe that I'm part of a firefly spinoff."

"If we need the diversion, I'll make sure you have a way out." Cass said, weighing up options.

<tag. Hey, gotta get myself into the story again somehow. Been a while since I posted, would say I was busy! but that would be a lie. I just forgot to read posts for a bit, and had to catch up. Tagged everyone that I know to be in the stealth team.>

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