Kenneth sipped at his coke, 20g ice, hold the lemon, from a large ostentatious curly straw. He wondered why all of the humans around the table were missing the most obvious solution to their problem. Maybe, he thought, they have access to computational variables that I do not. He kept quiet, sipping his coke and listening to the others planning. The twitchy nervous one kept looking at him suspiciously and then jerking his head around as one of the others said something. Occasionally looking in horror at a passer by. Kenneth wondered again about the marvles of human nature and wondered if his programming could ever match the chaotic randomness of true humanity.

"Well, as well as that Jaxx, we could also use the celebrity side of things as a diversion. One of us, or a few of us could kick up a diva fit and demand to be taken to the money counting room as we accidentally put a ring into the tube, or it got accdentally caught up with a mone transfer?" Jade suggested, offering up an idea as to how they could get around the initial side of getting into the secured area unnoticed.

"Sounds good, but we all need to be at the rendevous point at four of we are to get out of here." Cass added, musing over the possibilites.

"Not neccisarilly. All we need to do is meet up at the second rendevous poit. We wont all me escaping in the money van. It'll be too high a priority target." Katrina said, knowing that Jay would be planning several car swaps and changes to lose any tails they picked up.

"Alright, we need to get Boyd to within a few feet of someone with the combination to the safe." Cass pointed out "Otherwise getting close to the vault is pointless."

Again, Kenneth wondered why the crew were not considering the fact that regular trips to the vault were undertaken to remove money and insert any high value goods requested by guests of the hotel. His scans of the security logs had turned up as much. Maybe he should have told the bossy female earlier.

"Safe!? Nothing is safe!" Boyd whined, cringing as someone else thought something.

"Well, all we need to do there is talk about combinations, codes and vaults around guards right? Mention the high vaulted ceilings and the fact that we forgot the code to unlock our phones or something? Trigger the vault code memories to come to the surface thoughts?" Jade suggested, hoping that she wasnt sounding too stupid to the STCP enforcers at the table.

"I like it. As long as we can keep it subtle? It's worth trying." Katrina mused.

"If I may." Kenneth interjected. "Regular hourly visits are performed and the vault accessed according to my scans. They access money and secure the high vaule goods and products guests value. It would be a simple matter for me to turn off my projection and either pose as a valuable item to be stowed away, or hide on a guards personage and stow away inside the vault. All you would need to do when aproaching the vault is knock." Kenneth beamed at his logical deductions and noisilly slurped the cola, 20g of ice, hold the lemon.

"Couldn't we then just shove everything into the air vent and get Jaxx to drag it back out into the hotel somewhere?" Jade asked.


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