Boys In Blue

Skutter Jaxx nodded at the crew as he said in his monotone voice, “Sounds like a most heinous plan Miss Jones. I’ll call Eve babe about the gas masks and totally bring extras in case. Now since we are totally burning daylight I like need to get going and stuff.” Jade asked, “Do you have any idea where to get gas masks and tear gas?” Skutter Jaxx nodded as he said, “Sure thing Doc. I saw it in one of Eve babes movies.” The crew looked at each other a bit nervous and then back at Jaxx before Cass asked, “Jaxx are you sure you have a plan that will work?” Jaxx gave a monotoned chuckle before replying, “Relax peoples, I totally got it covered. Just focus on make your EMT bomb thingy.” Jaxx lowered himself down and then looked at the crew as he said, “Hey dudes and dudettes this mission is totally intense so like please be careful and stuff. We like may not be good friends or family all the time, but I totally got used to seeing your mugs in the morning so don’t die and stuff.” The crew was mixed with odd feelings by Jaxx’s words as they all replied with a nod. Skutter Jaxx looked at Boyd as he said, “I’ll like take Psyche dude with me since he like can’t read my mind and stuff and you all will totally have your hands full.” Skutter Jaxx saw Cass mouth the word ‘Thanks’ and gave a small nod as he and Boyd left the hotel.

As Skutter Jaxx and Boyd left the hotel Skutter Jaxx called Evelina on the communicator, “Yo Eve babe how’s life?” Evelina replied, “Kinda hectic with Jay’s plan. How about you Jaxx?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Well Miss Jones sent us on missions so I gotta makes this quick Eve babe.” Evelina replied, “Is something wrong Jaxx?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Nawww Eve babe, it’s cool. It’s just that I gotta score some gas masks and tear gas for the gig so if you can’t score a mask and all I will have some extra in case. Just let me know where you want me to leave them hidden and stuff.” Evelina replied, “Thanks Jaxx, I’m glad you are thinking about us.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Well I am mostly thinking about you and your righteous smile, but I like don’t want the others hurt neither and all.” Evelina replied, “Jaxx I’m kinda scared. This plan is dangerous and it feels weird without you.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Chill Eve babe. Jay dude knows the score. After all he has played this game for an unholy long time, besides he is totally trusting me to protect both his women.” Evelina replied, “Um about that….” Skutter Jaxx interrupted, “It’s cool Eve babe Jay dude knows without you in my life I could totally revert to being that monster again and no one wants that.” Evelina paused before replying, “Thanks Jaxx, you have a nice way of simplifying things.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “That’s cause I am a totally simple minded guy Eve babe.” Evelina began to giggle as she replied, “Thanks Jaxx I feel better already.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Sweet Eve babe and remember you’re the best. Catch ya on the flip side.”

After ending the call, a skittish Boyd asked, “Ummmmm. Jaxx where are we going?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Well like there is only one place that has all the stuff we totally need.” Boyd asked, “And that is?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “The Fuzz.” Boyd asked, “What fuzz?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Naww bro I mean the Five-O, the brass, the coppers, the boys in blue.” Boyd was very confused by now as he asked, “I don’t know what that means.” Skutter Jaxx sighed and replied, “Dude the police station.” Boyd replied, “Oh yes your very right they would have everything we need…….but wait they are not going to just let us take it.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “No kidding dude. Normally I would agree with ya and all. However thanks to Eve babe I totally saw how they operate on tv.” Boyd asked, “So you watched a bunch of documentaries and security footage?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Yeah I saw the whole series on different departments.” Boyd asked, “What do you mean by that?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Well I saw all the series of Police Academy and Reno 911 so I got it covered.” Boyd sighed in relief as he replied, “I’m glad to hear that. For a minute I was worried you were watching some comedy spoof or something.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Like I said bro I got it covered.”

Skutter Jaxx and Boyd casually headed down the road a few miles till they arrived near the police station. As they looked at the Vegas Police Station they saw lot of officers and criminals entering and exiting the station. Boyd nervously looked at Skutter Jaxx as he asked, “About that plan of yours. Exactly how does it work?” Skutter Jaxx looked at Boyd and chuckled in a monotone voice before saying, “Watch and learn Mon Frayer.” The confused Boyd followed Skutter Jaxx down the road as they passed a few alleys till they came across some kids spray-painting a wall with some kind of word art. The delinquents looked at Boyd and the skutter before they had a sinister grin on their face. One kid spoke up and asked, “You seem lost old man. Perhaps we could help you for a small fee of course.” The other kids gave a small chuckle as Boyd began to nervously shake as he said, “Ummmm…Jaxx about your plan?” Skutter Jaxx remained motionless as the teenagers approached closer and closer. Once the leader was close enough Skutter Jaxx quickly grabbed him by the nards and picked him off the ground and slammed him into the ground. The impact sent a series of painful shockwaves through the teenager’s body, as he was unable to move. The other teens were paralyzed in shock as they could only stare. Skutter Jaxx spoke up in a monotone voice, “Yo fools listen up and listen good. I am here for some serious business yo and I don’t need no crap ya here?” The teens nervously nodded as they listened to the insane robot. Skutter Jaxx used his claw to pull out a few $100 dollar bills as he said, “I got some C Notes here and all I need is a simple paint job yo.” One of the teens looked at the cash and nervously spoke up as he asked, “What kind of paint job are you needing robo dude?” Skutter Jaxx turned his claw to the interested teen as he replied, “I need one of you to like give me a make over and score my friend here some Five-O overalls.” Then Skutter Jaxx used his projector on the wall to show a video of a bomb disposal unit from the Reno 911 footage.

The teens looked at the video footage on the wall as they smirked and said, “That is some serious work bro and it’s gonna cost ya ten C Notes.” Skutter Jaxx stopped the projection as he looked at the teens and replied, “Deal bro, but if you cross me I won’t be as gentle with ya. Can you dig it?” The greedy teen replied, “I can dig it bro. Yo Luiz get the overalls for homey over here while we give robo dude his make over.” One of the teens ran off into the shadows while the teens circled Skutter Jaxx and began painting him up. After thirty minutes the teen Liuz returned with the overalls and handed them to Boyd. Boyd and the teens looked at Skutter Jaxx to admire their work as they were happy. Skutter Jaxx looked at Boyd and asked, “So bro do I look like the image I showed them?” Boyd nodded as he replied, “Yes you do look like the image.” The teen spoke up as he said, “As promised robo dude, one bomb disposal paint job and one set of overalls for ten C Notes.” Skutter Jaxx reached into his small pack on his back and pulled out a fist full of $100 dollar bills and handed them to the teen. The greedy teen looked at the money as he replied, “Yo bro this is more that a thousand here.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “I know dude the bonus is so you and your bros disappear for the rest of the week with yo traps shut.” The greedy teens gave an evil grin as he nodded and said, “Yo bros I believe we gots a party in Reno to be at.”

As the teens left the alley Boyd looked at Skutter Jaxx and asked so now what?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Just put on the overalls bro and pretend you’re with me and the bomb squad.” Boyd nervously said, “We can’t do that! We are not police.” Skutter Jaxx looked at Boyd and replied, “Chill Boyd, its cool yo. Just look at you hand computer phone thingy and if some dude talks to you just like scan his mind for his name and tell him you are like testing a bomb disposal robot.” Boyd nervously agreed as he got dressed and followed Skutter Jaxx back to the police garage. For the most part Boyd was ignored except for an officer who approached Boyd. Boyd didn’t look at the officers as he replied, “Sorry James I’m kinda busy right now.” The officer was a bit confused that Boyd knew his name without looking and assumed he was telling the truth. After repeating the same line a few times to the officers Boyd and Skutter Jaxx managed to make their way to the armory.

Bomb squad Jaxx & Bomb Squad Boyd

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