Boys In Blue Part 2

As the teens left the alley Boyd looked at Skutter Jaxx and asked so now what?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Just put on the overalls bro and pretend you’re with me and the bomb squad.” Boyd nervously said, “We can’t do that! We are not police.” Skutter Jaxx looked at Boyd and replied, “Chill Boyd, its cool yo. Just look at you hand computer phone thingy and if some dude talks to you just like scan his mind for his name and tell him you are like testing a bomb disposal robot.” Boyd nervously agreed as he got dressed and followed Skutter Jaxx back to the police garage. For the most part Boyd was ignored except for an officer who approached Boyd. Boyd didn’t look at the officers as he replied, “Sorry James I’m kinda busy right now.” The officer was a bit confused that Boyd knew his name without looking and assumed he was telling the truth. After repeating the same line a few times to the officers Boyd and Skutter Jaxx managed to make their way to the armory.

Bomb squad Jaxx & Bomb Squad Boyd

As Skutter Jaxx and Boyd approached the Armory door they noticed the door was closed with a digital lock on the doorknob. Boyd whispered to Skutter Jaxx, “What now Jaxx?” Skutter Jaxx replied in a low monotone voice, “Dude!! Just read combo from someone’s mind.” Boyd thought about what Jaxx just said as he realized it was such a simple solution that he felt silly for asking in the first place. Just as Boyd was scanning the minds in the local area the door to the Armory opened as an officer came out in a hurry. The sweaty officer nervously smiled and nodded as he quickly closed the door, held his stomach and waddled to the bathroom. Skutter Jaxx and Boyd watch as the overweight officer looked to be in a hurry before looking at each other with a shrug. Then Boyd entered the code he picked up from the sick officer and opened the door it to let Skutter Jaxx in first before closing the door behind himself. Skutter Jaxx and Boyd looked around as they saw a surplus of police gear in excellent condition.

Skutter Jaxx turned his claw head to look at Boyd and said, “Ok bro lets get a bag and load up.” Boyd nodded as he grabbed a duffel bag and began loading several gas masks, tear gas grenades, some flash bangs, some night vision goggles and a few bulletproof vests. Once the bag was full Skutter Jaxx looked at Boyd and said, “Ok bro now we like need to get back to Miss Jones and all.” Boyd looked at Skutter Jaxx and asked, “You know I may not be in my right mind as of now, but even I know we can’t just walk out of here with all this stuff. We were lucky just to get this far. Did your little plan cover that part Jaxx?” Skutter Jaxx cocked his head at Boyd as he replied, “Chill bro. I totally got it covered. We are just gonna totally stroll out of here.” Boyd looked at Skutter Jaxx like he was high as he replied, “Are you mad? How in the world will they let us walk out of here?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Relax bro. All you gotta do is meet me at the place we saw the kids and wait for me ok? But before that just like put on a gas mask and some of those goggles that let you see in the dark. When your like ready, I am totally gonna flood this place with these here smoke bombs. While everyone is like choking and stuff, I’ll meet ya in the meeting place ok?” Boyd nervously looked at Skutter Jaxx and sighed as he nodded and replied, “Ok Jaxx I don’t another way out. Just don’t make me wait to long ok.” Skutter Jaxx gave Boyd a thumbs up with his claw head.

After Boyd was geared up Skutter Jaxx Slung the big duffle bag over his claw arm and then grabbed two crates of smoke bombs and placed them in front of him. Then Skutter Jaxx popped a whole crate of smoke grenades in the enclosed room. Then Skutter Jaxx turned on his MP3 Player to Cameo’s Word Up song.

The music was loud and Boyd covered up his ears as he yelled at Skutter Jaxx to turn the music off. Skutter Jaxx ignored Boyd as he finished popping several smoke bombs to the beat of ‘Word Up’. Boyd couldn’t take it anymore and tried to open the door as he was trying to cover up his ears. However before Boyd could open the door the overweight sickly officer tried to return to the room, but was welcomed by a face full of smoke and loud music as he dropped onto the floor choking for air. Skutter Jaxx quickly popped the remaining smoke bombs in the box and carried them down the hall as the smoke quickly filled the hallway. Boyd staggered out as he covered up his ears and followed Skutter Jaxx in the smoke. As Boyd followed Skutter Jaxx from behind, the main office was flooding with smoke and loud music as panicked people ran for the exit. At some point someone hit the fire alarm, which incited even more panic and the sprinkler system. As several people panicked and made their way outside Skutter Jaxx turned off his music and dropped the crate of smoking grenades near the entrance as he and Boyd left the building with the panicked crowd. Boyd screamed and flipped off his night vision and gas mask as the bright neon lights hurt his eyes. Since everyone was choking and trying to leave the building no one noticed Boyd walking away towards the alleys. It wasn’t long before Skutter Jaxx left the smoking building and carrying along a dark blue duffle bag in the same direction Boyd left towards.

As Skutter Jaxx moved down the poorly lit streets he scanned the area and eventually stopped and looked down the dark alley nearby. Then Skutter Jaxx said in his monotone voice, “Come on Boyd dude time to ditch your disguise and hook up with Miss Jones.” Boyd looked at Skutter Jaxx and replied, “What about your disguise?” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Worry about that later bro. We are like out of paint right now. Maybe we can get some on the way back and stuff. So for now you carry the bag and act cool.” Skutter Jaxx handed Boyd the duffel bag and they began heading towards the Emperor’s Palace.


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