The Armored Car Caper

Artemis tried his best to keep the truck steady while Evelina and Jay struggled to put the construction uniforms on. The massive construction truck glided all across the road, knocking cars away. "Damnit Artemis have you ever driven a car before!" Jay shouted as he was knocked into the road barriers. "HAVE YOU EVER COMBINED NEWT AND BODYBUILDER DNA TO CREATE A FETISH GELF?!" Artemis said out of rage as a smart car cut him off. "Go fuck your mother piece of shit!" He said, ramming them off the road. "Excuse me!?" Jay barked, full of rage. "I'm so sorry Mr. Chrysler, I've never driven a car before! There was never any need, and my parents never taught me!" "Pull over!" The truck careened through three lanes of traffic, lights glaring, wipers wiping, and Led Zeppelin blaring.

Artemis leaped from the truck and vomited into the bushes. "Never let me drive again!" he said. "How are you holding up?" Evelina asked from the front seat. "The drugs are making me relive me childhood, I'm up to the fifth grade...oh god...the pudding incident!" Artemis stumbled back to the truck, and climbed into the back amongst the road barriers and signs. Jay took the wheel and drove casually off the highway and to the capture point. He stopped at the opposite end of the alley, where the trio set up the concrete barriers. Once the task was completed, Evelina and Jay went to block the road, Artemis went to hide.

To reinforce their cover as construction workers, Jay and Evelina smashed part of the road. Evelina waved traffic away while Jay "inspected" it and "talked" into a radio. Meanwhile, Artemis sweated to death in a dumpster. For an hour, nothing happened. Jay switched to digging in the hole, and purposely breaking a water pipe so he could repair it with duct tape. Eventually, an armored car rolled into view. "Jay!" Evelina called out. Jay quickly switched the detour sign down the alley, and rushed to re-break the pipe.

"Hey, look" the drive pointed to the two construction workers. A hole in the road slowly filled with water as one worker tried to plug the leak, the other walked up to the truck and knocked on the window. "Hello?" the driver said. "Sorry boys, the water is....building up under the road and if any cars go across they'll go through" she said. "Okay, down the alley?" "Yes, and turn left the second you get to the next road" The driver rolled the window back up and took the detour. A group of concrete barriers blocked the exit. The driver rolled down the window and turned around to yell at the workers when he felt something against his forehead. "" a sweaty, wild haired homeless man in a white shirt and underwear was holding a glock to his head. The two guards exited the truck and were promptly subdued with the syringe gun. Jay and Evelina quickly joined Artemis in the alley. "There's only two, like we thought" Jay said. "Artemis, suit up. Evelina, find a hiding place in the back" Evelina nodded, and climbed into the back of the truck. Artemis and Jay, now clad in security uniforms, too their places in the truck and continued to the casino, leaving the guards hidden in the dumpster where Artemis was hiding.


The armored truck pulled up, as usual. "Alright, play the part" Jay said. Jay rolled down the window, a man in a casino security uniform walked up to the truck. "You're here earlier, what about the other pickups?" the man asked. "Eh, Luxor didn't make that much money today, not much to get, 'naw I mean?" Artemis replied in a fake accent. "Heh, better them than us! Alright, give me a few minutes and we'll get you in there" Jay looked at Artemis. "What? My Grandfather buys a vacation home out here in two years, I picked up the accent during my summers spent there" Artemis replied. "Okay...well, can you raise the stealth team?" Artemis shook his head. "No, nothing on the radio Mr. Chrysler. We'll just have to wait..."

The truck rolled into place, and the duo continued to play their part, hoping that the Stealth team was okay.

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