Copper Coils

"Ok. So an EMP." Jamie said to Katrina, as the plan was put into action.

"Yeah. What's the best method of setting that up in this era?" She asked.

"Pretty sure the best way to do it here would be to hook an electro magnet up to a big enough power source." Jamie replied.

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Cass said in agreement.

"But for an electromagnet to do that, we'll need a lot of copper cable, a chunk of iron for the core, and a power source." He said, shrugging. "Where do we get that much copper from easily?"

"Aren't power cables made of copper?" Jade suggested, glancing around the room at the table lamps that were plugged into the walls.

"Ok, that works for me. Two metres of cable should do it." Jamie said, working it out in his head. "Then we'll need a tube of metal, preferably ferrous." he said, looking thoughtful for a moment.

"Kenneth... What model light bee do you have?" He asked. He'd not done a huge amount of work on light bees, but most of them had steel casings for strength.

"It's not a Light-bee." Kenneth replied. "It's a space ship."

"Either way, if the casing is steel, and we can get access to the power supply, we can use the casing for the core. Anything inside that casing will be shielded from its own pulse." The engineer said.

"But then his projection matrices won't be able to align." Katrina said. "He wouldn't be able to move."

"But, if we went for the plan of placing something into storage, he'd be able to generate the EMP from within a storage slot, and wipe the whole room. Then, whoever has the key can get him out when we do the rest of the break-in." Chimed in Cass, jumping onboard.

"Exactly!" Jamie said, with a smile. "If Jaxx is in the vents, he'd even be able to get Kenneth out in an emergency. I'll attach the coil so it falls off once its used. He'd be able to get out under his own steam if necessary."

Soon, the room had been turned upside down. The power cables to a couple of lamps had been stripped. Jade handed over the last one, which was quickly stripped of its protective plastic coating.

"What about Jaxx?" Kenneth asked, getting ready to deactivate himself for the modifications. "You mentioned before that he does not have hardened circuits."

"True. We can't protect him with the technology available here. But, we can keep him out of range until necessary." Katrina said.

"We can get Jaxx to gas the guards after the EMP. He'd be able to get in easier with the confusion over a power outage anyway, and probably wouldn't need to use the vents either." Cass said.

"If all goes badly, You can just activate yourself again and get out, ok?" Jamie said to Kenneth before he powered down. There was a nod from the hologram, before the light-bee fell to the floor, with a soft thud as it hit the carpet.

"I've never seen a hard-light hologram activate itself from within a confined space. I wonder what would happen..." Jamie said, picking it up. "Physics denotes that the storage units would be pushed out of the way, but I can't confirm that." Jamie mused, out loud.

"Ok, Kenneth." Jamie said, after the coils were attached. "Can you activate soft-light?"

A blotchy hologram appeared, part of its image was blocked by the copper coils, but he was at least recognisable.

"I've got an idea." Jade said, happy to be able to offer something to the conversation. Her engineering knowledge lacked, but being a doctor she knew how to notice things. "They'll ask what it is when they store it in the safe. What if we claim it to be a prototype hologram projector? I saw a magazine talking about holograms downstairs. Anyone thinks there's something like that around, they'll be happy to look after it." She finished.

"That's an excellent idea." Cass said, "you offering to be the one to make the drop?"


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