Married Life

Artemis...LOVED...chemistry. Not just because he had the ability to create new compounds and break boundaries, but also because it had some entertaining applications, like making IED's.
"Mr. Plisken! Check this out" Artemis said, shambling out of the engineering compartment.
"What is it?" asked Plisken, who was loading rifle magazines.

While Artemis was making his weapons of mass destruction and Plisken was loading the rifles Evelina looked through the naughty costumes. She found a few outfits in her size and put them in her backpack while the other weren’t paying attention. She felt nervous as she pretended to look around at some of the other things in the area so she wouldn’t draw attention to herself. Suddenly Jaxx approached Evelina and asked in his Vader voice, “Hey Eve babe whatcha doin?” Evelina panicked and nervously picked up a magazine from a shelf and replied, “Just doing some reading.” Jaxx looked at her silently then replied, “I don’t remember seeing any words in those magazines Eve babe.” Evelina was confused as she looked at the magazine she was holding to see it was labeled “The Girls of Whorecraft.” Evelina’s face turned beet red as she nervously looked at the magazine filled with pictures of women dressed like slutty elves, ogres and trolls in compromising positions. Evelina thought to herself, “Oh my goodness! Jaxx just caught me with this porn mag and now he thinks I’m some kind of perverted freak! I am so embarrassed I could die! It was bad enough I stole those naughty costumes to surprise him on our future honeymoon, but now that he is going to hate me and call me a freak! I’m so scared I can’t move right now. If I look at him I’ll cry. What am I going to do?”

Just then Jaxx said, “Don’t sweat it Eve babe I understand.” Evelina nervously looked down at the ground as she uttered, “You do?” Jaxx replied, “Sure Eve babe, you are totally worried I might like them more since they are like naked and stuff.” Evelina stopped shaking as she was confused by Jaxx’s comment and replied, “Huh?” Jaxx replied, “Don’t sweat it Eve babe those chicks aren’t as awesome as you are.” Evelina smiled as she realized Jaxx thought she was jealous of the sluts on the magazines. Evelina breathed in a sigh of relief as she put the magazine back and gave Jaxx a kiss on his claw head and said, “Thank you Jaxx.” Jaxx replied, “No problemo Eve babe. Hey do you like have any weapons left?” Evelina replied, “Just my MACO pistol, knife and armor. My pulse rifle overloaded so I had to use it as a bomb against the spider people.” Jaxx replied, “Oh well if you want Plisken dude has some rifles and stuff if ya want.” Evelina smiled and shook her head and replied, “Ok.” Jaxx and Evelina headed to Plisken and picked up a rifle with a scope and some clips of extra ammo for Evelina. Plisken looked at Jaxx and said, “Don’t you want one?” Jaxx replied, “Sorry bro I don’t use guns. Its against my religion.” Plisken shrugged and then asked, “What about grenades?” Jaxx replied, “Yeah I can use those, but they look different.” Plisken showed Jaxx how the Artemis grenades worked and warned him of the dangers as well.

Jaxx and Evelina left the ship and looked around at the nearby terrain. Jaxx saw a sandstone rock not far about nine feet tall and said, “Hmmmmmm…. Hey Eve babe I like think when the bad dudes come here you should hide behind that big rock and shoot from there.” Evelina got nervous as she replied, “Where are you going to be then?” Like in the front and stuff Eve babe. My whips are like only good at close range and stuff.” Evelina nervously replied, “But I want to be by your side Jaxx.” Jaxx replied, “Chill Eve babe I totally need you to like cover me in case I get swarmed and stuff.” Evelina reluctantly nodded as she replied, “Ok Jaxx but you better not die. I don’t think I could take that again.” Jaxx replied still in his Vader voice, “I totally promise Eve babe.” Evelina hugged Jaxx as she tried to stop shaking. Jaxx said, “You waana hear something funny Eve babe?” Evelina still hugging replied, “What?” Jaxx replied, “Holly dude told me MACOs were like made to take down Sumolant robo dudes.” Evelina replied, “You mean Simulants Jaxx and things are different now. For starters you lost your memories and now you in a skutter body.” Jaxx replied, “Yeah Eve babe but I am still alive right.” Evelina smiled as she continued to hug Jaxx as she replied, “Yes……..yes you are.”


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