The Chemistry of Death

Artemis...LOVED...chemistry. Not just because he had the ability to create new compounds and break boundaries, but also because it had some entertaining applications, like making IED's.

"Mr. Plisken! Check this out" Artemis said, shambling out of the engineering compartment.

"What is it?" asked Plisken, who was loading rifle magazines.

"It's a Rubidium grenade, I used the Rubidium from the ship's thermoelectric backup generators and put them in a chemical disposal canister. I've modified the canisters to have some semblance of a time delay, and filled the tops with water. You pull the pin, the water trickles down and BOOM...huge explosion...or it catches on's been a while since I worked with Rubidium"

Artemis handed Plisken one of the grenades. "Trust me, you'll want one of these puppies when the simulants come-a-knocking"

Artemis returned to engineering and brought the crate of grenades up to the deck.

"I've got a few dozen of these, and there's plenty of Rubidium left in the generators if we need more. Though someone will have to fetch some more canisters from storage" Artemis said to Plisken, and Dave, who had just walked in.

Artemis then set out to make some more improvised weapons. Of course there were plenty of actual weapons on the ship, but who said Artemis couldn't have a little fun? There were oodles of chemicals and loose gadgets to transform into weapons of death. For example, the pipe cleaning system used Sulfuric Acid. Artemis was able to set up tripwire traps in the corridors. As soon as somebody stepped on the wire....BAM....acid rains from above and burns like hell, sending even the toughest of simulants down. Or at the least distracting them for the gun wielding Dwarfers.

Next on the list was modifying some ammunition. Artemis used phosphorus left over in the ship's old mining stores to coat some of the ammunition to make incendiary rounds. He made sure to keep the coating down to a small amount so as not to melt the insides of the rifles. Once Artemis was done coating the bullets he set out to find some more dangerous things to make.


What is everyone else up to?

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