"Where did we put the time drive?" Jacky asked.

Momentarily closing her eyes Cass breathed an almost inaudible sigh of relief as her nanosuit dosed her with a heady cocktail of antiemetics, painkillers and stimulants
"Jay's got it" she murmured, but Jacky appeared not to hear her, and she was feeling too weak and washed out from both the attack and her recent injuries to bother repeating herself
The drugs stole across her consciesness in seconds and made her involuntarily shiver with pleasure as she settled back in the warm sunshine to watch Jay ordering Jaxx back into the ship to clean up the mess. Watching the little skutter trundle off into the bowels of the ruined ship, Cass idly mused on Jay's ability to somehow maintain his gravitas, even besmirched with his own filth
Cassius groaned and slowly stirred in the dirt
Good, she smiled thinly, he was coming to
Struggling to her feet, Cass walked over towards legionary
While she was glad that the nanosuit's reprocessing facilities had taken care of the worst excesses of the assault, as far as she was concerned, the fucker needed to pay for what he had just done, so she was going to carve the little shit a brand new arsehole
Several of the other Dwarfers crowded in around the legionary as his eyes slowly flickered open
"You're going to suffer" Cass snarled and kicked him hard in the side of the head
"Cass!" Jay barked
Her eyes met his for the briefest of angry instants before she turned away
"Have it your way"
Jay eyed her retreating back for a second, before sighing irritably, he returned his attention to their captive
"Hello Cassius" he smiled "Remember me?"
Cassius raised his hands against the bright sunlight and squinted up at Jay for a moment before his eyes suddenly widened in shock and he scrabbled away from him, in the dirt
"Oh... Oh God" the man gibbered, a note of near hysteria in his voice
"Exactly" Jay leered
"Th... Then it's true what the Magdalene is saying!?"
"Every last word"
"Oh... Oh..." Cassius twisted around and scrambled over onto his hands and knees to grovel in the sand "F... Forgive me my Lord!"
Jay smiled, albeit a little coldly
"Three days I lay dead" he shouted, pointing an accusatory finger down at the man "Three days! But now I am risen!"
"Oh, God!" Cassius moaned, his words partially muffled by dirt on the ground
"Now go forth," Jay continued, pointing now towards Jerusalem "Go forth you cursed and pitiful wretch, and spread word of my return!"
Cassius didn't need telling twice and with a panicked cry, he scrambled backwards and up onto his feet to shoot away
He turned after a few metres to regard Jay and the other Dwarfers with a panicked and feavered gaze
"Hail Messiah!" he bellowed, punching the air with a fist before sprinting away towards Jerusalem
Jay watched him go for a moment and wearily shook his head
"Bollocks" he sighed
"What's the matter hon?" Katrina raised her eyebrows and inclined her head enquiringly
"I'd put money on that being the start of Christianity" Jay said gloomily "I'm responsible for it all - the crusades, the atrocities, the idiocy... Everything"
Katrina grimaced but said nothing as the other Dwarfers all suddenly found somewhere else to look
"Fuck it" Jay sighed after a moment and, with a shake of his head, turned to address the rest of the crew "I reckon we've about three hours before Pilate turns up with some very heavily armed troops" he began, a cloud of kitty litter inexplicably billowing from within the ruined ship "I want this crate ransacked, I want the reactor primed to detonate on my command, I want defences set up and I want it all now! Step to it people!"

The very bare bones of a plan there
It's looking like we're in for a firefight, and we've three hours to kill, so how do you spend the time?
Is there anything useful on the ship other than a collection of tawdry dressing up outfits?
Are we able to improvise anything to negate the influence of the shit stick?
Over to you...

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