Dirty Jobs

No! Jacky thought. What about Molly?

What about her? He then thought. He hadn't seen her in ages, and she'd never been in the right place at the right time to get sucked into these horrible adventures with them. That was the final irony, wasn't it? Molly, the girl with the thirst for nonstop adventure and danger, was living the life Jacky wanted so badly. Likewise, Jacky, who sought nothing more than a nice conversation and some rest, was trapped far in the past.

The past. Wait a minute.

"Where did we put the time drive?" Jacky asked.

Jaxx watched as Alex left to wash off, Jacky was complaining to the new guy and Jay was planning some kind of trap for Pilot. Jaxx looked at Evelina and said in his Vader voice, "Are you ok Eve babe?" Evelina shook her head as she held the SIC stick ready to strike the roman if he moved before she replied, "Jaxx that really messed up what he did to the others. If you hadn't been there I'd..." Jaxx interrupted, "I know Eve babe. Just know I am totally here for ya." Evelina was about to speak when Jay interrupted as he yelled, "Hey Jaxx make yourself useful and clean the mess in the ship." Jaxx replied, "Not cool dude, why me?" Jay replied, "Because you don't have a nose in that skuttter body." Jaxx sighed with an asthmatic breath as he replied, "Fine."

As Jaxx was entering the ship he used his scanners to search for cleaning products. Jaxx muttered, "That Herbert dude sure has a lot of junk in here. Lets see............guns, porn, skimpy women's costumes, candy, rum......oh kitty litter. I bet that stuff will work. Herbert dude sure has a lot of kitty litter. I wonder if he like even has a cat and stuff." Jaxx pulled out one large bag at a time and poured it all over the vomit and fecal matter. Despite the small dust cloud the litter covered all the mess and seemed to neutralized the smell. Then Jaxx picked up a hand fan from the women's clothing and fanned the dust out the hatch of the ship. Jaxx then picked up a large rifle and took it out to Jay as he said in his Vader voice, "Look what I totally found Jay dude." Jay took the rifle and looked it over as he asked, "And the mess?" Jaxx replied, "I totally covered it in kitty litter bro." Jay looked puzzled as he asked, "Does he have a cat?" Jaxx replied, "Dunno bro but he has a lot of stuff. I like even saw lots of lady costumes." Jay replied, "What kind of costumes?" Jaxx replied, "Well lets see.....a maid costume, a nurse costume, a devil costume, an angel costume and........" Jay cut Jaxx off as he said, "I get the picture Jaxx. Did he have more guns?"

Jaxx replied, "Yeah bro but I kinda think some are broken so ya might want to check 'em and stuff." Jay sighed as he said, "Ok ladies as soon as Alex gets out find some new clothes inside and hit the showers. I'll see what we have to work with and work on the plan to kill Pilot."


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