Sorrow By the Handful

Evelina, with heavy heart was forced to walk the runway in outrageous outfits out of fear of losing her Jaxx. The Woman in Red cackled as she ruthlessly assigned Evelina and several other GELF models to certain outfits. As each GELF Model strutted along the walk way music

pounded from the speakers. Emotion was forbidden from the GELF Models expressions as they looked like dolls walking back and forth. As Evelina sashayed through the run way she fought her tears back and did her best not to look up at the cage suspended in the air that held Jaxx prisoner. Evelina knew the caged held her beloved Jaxx in in a most inhumane way. The image of Jaxx with metal hooks all over his body attached to metal chains and pulled in several directions from inside the cage and attached to the bars. Jaxx lay in a semi-conscious state inside the cage as it was held high above the catwalk. Each time Evelina had to walk down the catwalk her heart ached more and more. The fashion show never seemed to end as Evelina was going from theme to theme. She started with Winter theme to a Spring theme to a Fall theme to a Summer theme to a Meat theme to a Garbage theme to a bug theme to a zombie theme. Each theme show worn Evelina down as she was beginning to have thoughts of suicide to make the pain stop.

<Snip>Jaxx looked to the left and saw a nerdy shark boy drooling on himself and then on his right was a scary shark monster drooling as he looked at Jaxx. Jaxx asked, “Like who are you dudes?” The shark monster replied, “HAHAHA…..I’m your inner beast and that moron is your brain……..and now that were are free lets have some fun.” Jaxx got a bad feeling from what his inner beast was saying.

Meanwhile Jaxx saw his inner beast lunge after him in a highly aggressive manner. Jaxx managed to dodge in time to avoid the attack. However, Jaxx’s idiot side was too busy picking his nose to notice the attack and was quickly pounced by the Shark Monster. The idiot version of Jaxx had a stunned look on his face as the Shark Monster gave an evil grin and said in a gruff voice, “This is your brain……And this is your brain in my gut!” The Shark Monster quickly devoured the idiot version if Jaxx in front of the original Jaxx. Franky thought, “Oh snap!” Jaxx replied, “Not cool bro. Not cool.” Original Jaxx then made a run for it as the Shark Monster gave chase after him. Jaxx did his best to out run his monstrous side to no avail since it seemed to know his every move. As Jaxx continued to run away he was occasionally attacked by a few zombie monsters. However Jaxx merely dodged their attacks and ran past them and left them to be destroyed by the large feral Shark Monster As it tried to catch up to Jaxx the Shark Monster laid waste to any and everything in its way. Jaxx did his best to trick the Shark Monster into attacking the random zombies and machinery along the walls. The Shark Monster was far too angry to be worried about the traps and tricks that barely slowed him down.

Franky thought to Jaxx, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, we need to deal with this problem quickly or we will be on a quick weight loss program even.” Jaxx replied, “Chaaaaaaa. No kiddin Master.” Franky thought, “Any ideas on what to do?” Jaxx replied, “Like yeah bro. First I’m like gonna wet myself, then I’ll focus on a plan……….. Any ideas?” Franky smirked as he replied, “Oh my, I do hope your were kidding even. Jaxx quickly rolled out of the way so the Shark Monster punched a hole into the deck plating floor. The Shark Monster continued its attack on Jaxx only miss and lay a series of holes along the floor and walls around them. Jaxx smirked as he led the rampaging Shark Monster on as it laid waste to several metal panels and deck plating along the way. Franky thought, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, is this your plan? To run away from this beast? Why don’t we just fight it even?” Jaxx replied, “Nawww then it like won’t work.” Franky thought, “Huh? What in the world is going on in your mind even?” Jaxx smirked as he replied, “Just chill Master, I like got it covered………I think.” Franky thought, “Oh my even.”

As Jaxx led the huge muscle ripped, steroid induced, frenzied enraged Shark Monster the room slowly began to resemble, through mass destruction, a metal version of Swiss cheese. Till eventually the power began to fluctuate for a second and revealed it was a large holographic room with holes in it. However the backup system quickly kicked in and illuminated all the circuits so Cass and Jamie could clearly see what they were looking at for a change. As they followed the glowing circuits they saw them lead to a panel just a little farther ahead.

Jaxx continued to lead his Monster side away from where he briefly saw Jade and Evelina during the light flicker. In that moment Jaxx saw the only entrance to the room and led the Shark Monster there. After Jaxx arrived at the entrance he used his holowhips to latch onto a support beam above and pull himself above the door frame out of reach of the rampaging Shark Monster. Any zombie beasts that were foolish enough to try to enter were quickly slaughtered by the frenzied Shark Monster. Franky thought, “This is your great plan?” Jaxx replied, “Chaaaa. What else could I like do?” Franky thought, “You’re truly going to put your faith in her even?” Jaxx pulled up a little more to avoid a swipe from his monster side replied, “I like gotta work with what I got Master. If I like don’t trust them I’ll totally turn into that most heinous thing below us.” Franky chuckled and thought, “Well done my apprentice you managed to pass your level one test in diplomacy. Now all that is left is to wait for her even.” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “I just like hope Eve babe and the Doc can like hang in there a bit longer.” Franky thought, “Do you think they will know what you are up to even” Jaxx replied, “It’s a small matter Bro. As long as Eve babe digs me I’ll deal with the hate and loneliness.” Franky thought, “That’s a terrible way to look at life even.” Jaxx replied, “You saw her face when she was like aiming that melon blaster at me. Part of her totally wanted to pull that trigger.” Franky replied, “Oh my you noticed that even.” Jaxx replied, “I may not be smart but I totally can read emotions Master. When they look at me they don’t see a friend and I totally don’t see that changing anytime soon.” Franky thought, “So you’re willing to serve them even though they don’t accept you even? Why not leave even?” Jaxx replied, “Cause I like got nowhere else to go.” Franky thought, “Well after I get a new body and recreate my race why don’t you and your spouse come with me even?” Jaxx replied, “You want me to bail on the others like Alex dude?” Franky thought, “Why not even. Why subject yourself to such hate even when you can help me create a new world even?” Jaxx thought for a moment as he replied, “Wow Master that’s a big decision. Can I like talk to Eve babe first?” Franky thought, “Of course since that will sway your decision even.” Jaxx pulled up a little higher to escape another attack from the Shark Monster as he pondered his thoughts.

TAG (Cass and Jamie can now see a lit up series of circuits to a panel what will they find and do?)

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