Breaking Free

"Wow Master that's a big decision. Can I like talk to Eve babe first?" Franky thought, "Of course since that will sway your decision even." Jaxx pulled up a little higher to escape another attack from the Shark Monster as he pondered his thoughts.

As the last glob of goo dripped onto Jamie's shoulder, a panel slid open to the side of his head, revealing a control panel of some kind.

"Huh, would have been nice to know that was there earlier." Cass said, seeing it move.

"Actually..." Jamie said, and pushed a button. Just before his finger reached it, Cass called out to tell him to stop, until she'd analysed what it was for, but instead, the panel above them slid out of the way.

"It's ok, it said 'open' on it." He explained.

The two of them climbed out, and with the brain like attachment leaking ichor onto the floor, there was nothing to keep the psychic field going.

Jade looked up from her seated position at the edge of the room, and saw them. She instantly jumped to her feet, and joined them, happy for the company. Further towards the centre of the room, both Eve and Jaxx were still there, oblivious to their freedom.

"Reckon it could have different effects on GELFs?" Jamie asked. "It seems they react differently to everything else..."

"Jade, what do you think?" Cass asked, hoping that giving her something to think about would help clear away any fuzziness caused by her experiences.

"It's possible... GELFs were designed to accept orders more readily from their superiors..." she replied, a bit shakily.

"Then there's only one thing for it." Jamie said, and walked straight over to Eve, and gave her a swift slap on her cheek to snap her out of it. She blinked several times as her eyes and mind adjusted to the changes, then shivered as she realised it wasn't real.

"Jaxx needs the same. I snapped you out of it first in case he needs someone to calm him down. You ready?" Jamie asked, and Eve nodded, still a little shaky.

Jamie took a breath, and Cass instinctively took a few steps back. When Jade noticed, she did the same.

"Jaxx? Can you hear me?" Jamie asked, hoping he wouldn't have to hit him. There was no reply, or sign of activity outside of his hallucinations. At that, Jamie just gave him a similar slap across the face to bring him back to reality.

"Dude, how didja get rid of the other shark dudes?" Jaxx asked as he returned to reality, and the hallucinations he had been fighting with suddenly vanished.

"They weren't real." Jamie said, rolling his eyes at the simplicity of Jaxx' mind. Then he and Cass explained to the two of them what the room was, with Jamie offering simplified versions when Cass said something technical.

"We need to move on, we've been delayed enough here." Cass said, and everyone agreed wholeheartedly that being away from this horrible place was the best course of action.

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