So it Begins...

Jade began to more after Eve. Tara put a hand on her arm and shook her head as she handed out her round of drinks.

“Let me, I know what Jay can be like, especially after this much to drink. Eve hasn’t seen how much he’s been drinking…” Jade looked concerned but relented and Tara chased after Eve.Excellent. Now we can start. She’s upset, angry. I wonder if I can upset her and shark boy enough to get him to flip out? It didn’t take her long to catch up with the couple. Eve was obviously upset, slamming the handle down on a fruit machine with more force than was needed. Jaxx looked confused and concerned, etched into his face was the expression that he’d done something wrong to hurt Eve.

“Hey.” Tara began.

“Smeg off.” Eve snapped, not looking up. “You're one of them.”

“Fair enough." Tara switched from friendly to 'so that's how you want to play this' on one mood swing. You think you are special? You think you look so hot? You want everyone to fawn over you, treat you like the centre of attention? Get over yourself girl.” Tara said, waving an arm over Eve, dressed in her tight skimpy clothes with her boobs and arse hanging out.

“See! All the girls think I’m a whore all the boys want to screw me!” She growled, slamming the fruit machine handle down again with a thunk.

“Well you’ve not done anything else other than fuck Jaxx so why should we think any different? In the time I’ve known you, in the weeks we’ve been on the dwarf all you’ve done is swan off and play fetish dress up with your toy boy there.” Tara jeered. “Look at yourself! You dress like a whore too. Why should we even look at you any other way?” Tara laughed at Eve, picking at a bit of fabric and letting it drop against her body again. “How do you know about that?! Don’t bully me! Don’t push me around. I’m not a model any more. I’m not pretty, I’m not a flirt. I’m not a whore!” Eve looked up, her fists balling and glared daggers at Tara. “You carry it around in your bag, on a ship where there are only about 10 living people left of humanity. Work it out sweetheart. Honey you need to stop acting like it then don’t you. Start putting on some clothes and men won’t stare at your tits. Leave them hanging out and you can’t really complain can you? No one’s jealous of you sweetie. We all know we are better than you.” Tara smiled, a sickeningly sweet, evil smile. Eve lost it, and punched Tara. Tara just stood there as Eve cringed at the feeling of punching a hard light hologram. She smirked at Eve and raised her hand, landing a slap on the girl that echoed like a gunshot going off in the casino. “Grow the fuck up.” She growled.

Jaxx leapt in front of Eve, holding her back from lashing out again and stared at Tara.

“Like, that wasn’t nice. You need to leave now.” He said, a frown forming on his face.

“Why. What you gonna do shark boy eat me?” Tara quipped, daring Jaxx to try something. He was shaking, someone had hurt his Eve, he knew he wasn’t supposed to hurt anyone, but this was Eve. His Eve. Tara saw the conflict on his face. “Come on… I know you want to… Unchain the beast. Let it go.” She whispered in his ear, looking to all intents and purposes that she was kissing him on the neck.

“Get off him. Get away!” Eve screamed in anger, she lashed out at Tara. Tara dodged aside this time and Eve slammed her fist into the glass fronted fruit machine. Jaxx’s eyes narrowed as the smell of blood filled the air.

“Come on shark boy. I know he’s in there. Let that beast out. I wanna play.” She grinned, goading Jaxx on.



Jamie/Cass (Jass? Camie?), assume that your drinks have been spiked with drugs to sober you both up and/or make you horny. I figure this would piss Cass off so much hearing a randy Jamie that she’d go a bit postal. Or vice versa, does Jamie really need to know how well Jay performs or what he tastes like… Ahem… you get the idea…

I’m deliberately trying to aggravate Eve and Jaxx here. I’m trying to press their buttons and make them pissed off. With each other, with Tara with anything. She’s trying to cause them to flip out and get violent.

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