I am trying to sleep here (aka the return of the grueseom twosome)

Jay's bullet managed to graze Jaxx in the temple and caused him to bleed a lot especially with all the water around him. Evelina screamed, "JAXX!! JAXX!! Come on baby stay awake! don't leave me! PLEASE someone help him!" Cass Jade and Jay sat up to see Evelina screaming for help as Jaxx was bleeding all over the floor.

<<end snip>>

One of the nearby doors opned

"Who ever flooded this place is about to get a right hard kick in..." Phil's train of throught was interrupted by the following:
1 - Jaxx bleeding
2 - Water everywhere
3 - MP openinng his door and wearing nothing but a very small towel
4 - Jay looking rather confused
5 - Evelina still creaming
6 - A goat running out of MP's room, causing the midget to chase after it

"Holy crap that's a lot of blood!" Grabbing the nearst bit of cloth Phil rushed to Jaxx and used it to stem the bleeding , a bit anyway


"Not now, i'm trying to save the life of this guy you can explain this to me later....and..."

He paused a moment "..and i can try to explain why I am here..." .

The bleeding has slowed, and almost stopped. Phil wasnt sure if it was down to his first aid or the fact that most of the blood was now on the carpet. Still the towel now made it look like Jaxx was wearing a turban.

"..Phil! You..."

"Yes I'm glad to see you as well, but..erm...why are you looking upwards at the lights?"

"ermm.." Jay started to say, his anger temporiliy stoppped by the fact that if he opened his eyes right now he might wish he was blind.

Evelina was tending to Jaxx, checking for life signs and did not look happy.

"What's the matter? You not glad to see me?"

"Thats the problem Phil..i can see you. ALL of you..."

"Oh..thought it was a bit cold. Now would you mind explaning to me what the flying smeg is going on here?"

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