Wrongfully Accused

"It... It was Jaxx... He..." She coughed and the imaged faded almost completely "Holowhips... I... I'm finished..." She said, looking forlornly into his eyes.

"No... Tara no..." She slipped to the ground and he went with her, cradling her head in his arms as she flickered and faded. "I'll get Cass, hold on. We can fix you up again." He said, getting up. He stopped as her hand gripped his trouser leg.

"It's too late... Massive system damage... Data co... corrupting." She coughed. Looking him in the eye. "Get him for me. Hunt him down and make him pay." she said, with a cold venom in her voice.

"I.. Tara I can't do that He..." Jay said, as the image of Tara faded into black and white, the form blurring and indistinct. Or was that the tears causing the blurring? He drew his and across his eyes and looked down.

"I... I loved you." She said, to him, before the image finally went out.

"DAMNIT JAXX!" Jay howled, and grabbed his pistol from his holster and stormed out the door.

The light bee floated out of the vents, and manifested over the prone form. She cocked her head and looked down at the little ship that lay on the ground, her programming had held up. A good job that Jay didn't ask too many questions really or stop to look at the light bee. She prodded the Black Nebula and the inert form of Kenneth flickered into soft light. He opened his eyes and looked up at her.

The last thing that he ever saw, was the leering face of Tara Cleavage as her boot came down and crushed the little ship into atoms.

Evelina was still bundled up in several blankets as Jaxx was holding her and rocking her slowly. Jaxx was starting to nod off as he held her in his muscular arms. The mere thought of losing Evelina pain Jaxx beyond any pain he had ever encountered. This whole experience was a strain on his heart. As he was nodding off his mind wandered of trying to figure out what was going on with Tara and Plisken.

Jaxx found himself alone outside a lounge bar. As he looked at his refection in the window he saw he was dressed like a detective from one of the old movies Evelina liked to watch. Jaxx was wearing a cheap gray suit with a brown trench coat and black fedora hat. As he checked the inside of his his coat he found his revolver and badge. Jaxx was confused but knew he had reason to be at the bar. He was supposed to meet with in informant and needed to be be discreet. As Jaxx stepped through the doors he saw the bouncer who was a tad smaller than him and a bit intimidated. Jaxx smiled and nodded as he passed up the bouncer. Jaxx made his way to the tables by the lounge and heard the band playing.


Jaxx looked around for the informant only to find no one holding the red rose they were supposed to bring. Jaxx found a table to the side and waited patiently for his informant. A cute and perky waitress came by and took Jaxx's order. Jaxx ordered a coffee since he was still on duty but he couldn't help but think he had seen the waitress before (Tara). Jaxx tried to place her voice and face only to get interrupted by a beautiful woman in a black dress holding a red rose. As Jaxx looked at her his heart almost stopped for a moment. The woman's beauty was breathtaking and her eyes were blue with gold sparkles in them. She introduced herself as Eve Stone and was in trouble. As Jaxx gazed into Ms. Stone's eyes he heard an amusing song in the background.


Eve needed police protection and requested Jaxx personally since his streak of brutality sent fear down the spines of most criminals. Detective Jaxx was a hardcore copper and was not afraid to rough up any criminal in the process. Eve was drawn to brutal men and this time she was in over her head. He ex-boyfriend was a ruthless crime boss named Mr. Big and he did not take loosing kindly. Ms. Stone was afraid her ex was after her so she needed help and in return she would testify against Mr. Big.

Detective Jaxx was conflicted as he was also attracted to Ms. Stone but knew he needed her to help bring down Mr. Big. As the waitress brought Jaxx his coffee he picked up up to take a sip when he realized where he had seen the waitress before. She was none other than Tara "The Widow Maker" Cleavage. Tara was a renowned assassin with the ability to use disguises to get close to her victims. Just as Tara whipped out her gun to shoot Eve Jaxx hurled his hot coffee into her eyes and slapped her gun out of her hand. Jaxx was about to arrest Tara when he heard the click of a revolver behind him. As he looked to see who it was he recognized Thomas Plisken. Plisken was a good cop who turned bad. It was not uncommon for some cops to get greedy and turn dirty but Plisken was different he didn't do it for the money, in fact no one knew why he went rogue and he was not talking. Plisken smirked as Jaxx tried to reason with him only to waste his time. Jaxx knew his time was at an end as he went for broke and flung a glass ashtray at Plisken. Plisken used his gun to block the ashtray but accidentally shot Eve in the process. In a fit of rage Jaxx hurled a table at Plisken and sent him flying across the room and into a wall.

Jaxx then picked up the wounded Ms. Stone and made a run for it down the streets. Jaxx was running in hopes of finding a cab to take Eve to the hospital. Just as Jaxx managed to hail down a cab and get Ms. Stone in he saw the windows to the club shatter as Tara and Plisken jumped out and landed hard on the street. As they stood up Jaxx was in shock as he saw their clothing and skin was badly damaged to reveal they were cyborgs. Jaxx gritted his teeth as jumped into the cab and had the driver speed off. The two cyborgs chased after the cab like it was a simple race. It wasn't long before they leapt onto the cab and began ripping holes in it. Jaxx whipped out his gun only to have the cyborg Plisken knock it out of his hands. Jaxx did his best to fight back till he woke up
End Dream

Jaxx woke up from his dream still holding Evelina in his arms. As he looked at her she was smiling and said, "You watched over me this whole time. Your so sweet." Jaxx blushed as he saw Evelina was feeling better. His nightmare was weird and left him a bit rattled. However his eyes had returned to normal by now and his aggression level was back to mellow. Evelina asked Jaxx to let her stand up to see how she was doing. Jaxx did as Evelina requested and was relieved to see her fever was gone and her wound was healed but she was still a bit sore from the gunshot wound. Evelina sat back down and drank some water since she was a bit thirsty from the blood loss. Eve wanted to take it easy for a while and Jaxx promised he would watch over her until they heard a loud pounding on the door. It was Jay and he was pissed. Jay yelled, "DAMMIT JAXX!!! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR NOW!!! YOU KILLED TARA YOU ARSEHOLE!!!! Jaxx looked at Evelina and asked, "Who's Tara?" Evelina looked at Jaxx oddly as she replied, "You know the hologram lady who attacked me." Jaxx looked confused as he replied, "Huh??I thought she was Sara." Evelina put her hand on her head as she replied, "Did you kill her?" Jaxx shook his head no as he replied, "Naw Eve babe I just knocked her out fer a spell. My whips were set to low." Evelina then asked, "Then why is Jay saying that you killed her?" Jaxx shrugged as he replied, "Dunno Evebabe, buy Jay dude seems awfully pissed."

Evelina was tired and hurt and not in the mood for this as she stood up and said, "Jaxx we need to get to the bottom of this." Jaxx nodded as he said, "So like we are gonna solve a mystery?" Evelina clenched her fist as she held her side and replied, "Yeah I have a feeling Tara is behind this but we need to catch her in the act." Jaxx replied, "Umm....Eve babe like I'm sorry." Evelina looked at Jaxx who looked sad and worried as she replied, "I know you were just protecting me Jaxx you didn't mean to hurt the others." Jaxx replied, "Um....yeah Eve babe that too." Evelina looked at Jaxx waiting for the rest as he said, "I like don't know why Sara digs me so much, but I promise I am totally into to you Eve babe. I promise I won't like her that way so don't be mad at me." Evelina smirked for a moment as she realized Jaxx was worried about her leaving him for Tara. Evelina was amused as she thought, "Damn he is so cute when he is like this. It’s hard to believe was made to be a killing machine at one time. Right now he is confused like the rest of us but I'll let him think I'll indulge him a bit till we find out what that bitch Tara is up to. However we need to deal with Jay for now."

Evelina then said, "Alright Jaxx I'll forgive you but you have to promise that I am the only woman you will love or have sex with." Jaxx nodded as he begged on his knees and replied, "I swear Evebabe, on my life." Evelina smiled as she replied, "Good now we need to deal with Jay." Jay was still pounding on the door and managed to shoot the door open but was blocked by the furniture behind the door. Evelina then looked at Jaxx and said, "Ok Jaxx we are going to make a run for it and find Dr. Black." Jaxx looked at the blocked door and asked, "Um....how?" Evelina looked around and said, "We will escape along the wall near the elevator using your holo whips to open the wall. Then we will jump into the elevator and head down stairs." Jaxx nodded as he carried Evelina to the end of the room and put her down as he used his whips to lash open the wall. Then Jaxx carried Evelina through the hole to see Jay in the distance and he was pissed and began chasing after them. Jaxx quickly ran into the elevator as Evelina pushed the button to the first floor.

They could hear Jay pounding on the door as they started moving down. Jaxx was nervous as he and Evelina rode down the elevator and listened to the muzak playing in the background


As Evelina and Jaxx looked at each other and at the floors light up as they headed down they were concerned who would be waiting for them. After they got off the elevator and looked around Jaxx carried Evelina past the empty casino which was restored back to normal. As they walked around they were looking for the front desk but the place seemed confusing as they ended up getting lost. Evelina was a bit embarrassed that she was a Navigator and got lost in a hotel resort but kept it to herself since she had bigger issues to deal with. As Evelina directed Jaxx around the empty casino Evelina felt a small pain in her stomach. Jaxx was concerned and wanted to help only to find Evelina had drank to much water and getting carried around by Jaxx put too much pressure on her bladder. Evelina insisted on finding the bathroom before Jay found them so she directed Jaxx to the bathroom. As they got to the bathroom Evelina was ready to burst only to find the bathroom was closed for maintenance. Evelina was not happy as she growled, "This sucks! I've been harassed, shot, threatened and now that we are being hunted down I can't even pee." Jaxx felt bad for his wife as he held her and said, "Like maybe the dudes toilet is open." Evelina looked up at Jaxx as she was happy his simple mind thought about those things.

Then Jaxx picked his head up like something was wrong. Evelina asked, "What is it Jaxx?" Jaxx looked around as he said, "I could swear I heard Doc and Ms. Jones a second ago." Evelina then looked around as she replied, "I didn't hear anything. Are you sure?" Jaxx closed his eyes and listened as he heard the elevator open in the background and a pissed off Jay. Then Jaxx heard it again, it was the sound of people underwater and he was able to make out the word "help me". Jaxx moved Evelina aside as he said, "Like watch out Evebabe I think they are trapped in the toilet." Evelina was shocked as she moved out of the way as Jaxx whipped out his holowhips and was about to lash the door open. Suddenly Jay popped out from around the corner as he pointed his pistol at Jaxx and said, "Don't move Jaxx!" Jaxx looked at the door and at Jay as he tried to talk, "But Jaydude...." Jay was pissed as he said, "I SAID DON'T MOVE IT DAMMIT!!" Jaxx said, "Evebabe get down. I like don't want you to get capped again." Evelina wanted to argue but she knew she would probably get hurt in the crossfire as she laid on the floor and yelled, "Jay you don't understand!" Jay yelled, "I understand plenty! Jaxx killed Tara!" Jaxx was at a stalemate and knew if he didn't open the door soon Jade and Cass would die, but if he moved Jay would shoot.

After a few seconds of debate and arguing Jaxx said, "I'm sorry Jaydude!" Then Jaxx lashed open the door as Jay pulled the trigger. Water flooded out the door and into the hallway forcing Cass and Jade out of the bathroom. The water sent Jay flying back as he lost his balance. Jaxx and Evelina were knocked back into the wall as the water poured out like a massive wave. As the water settled down Cass, Jade and Jay were piled on top of each other coughing for air. Meanwhile Evelina was crying as she was trying to stop the blood coming out of Jaxx's head wound. Jay's bullet managed to graze Jaxx in the temple and caused him to bleed a lot especially with all the water around him. Evelina screamed, "JAXX!! JAXX!! Come on baby stay awake! Don’t leave me! PLEASE someone help him!" Cass Jade and Jay sat up to see Evelina screaming for help as Jaxx was bleeding all over the floor.


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