Foaming at the Everything

He was about to qualify the statement and explain that there were occasional intervals of calm (and that he was looking forward to one just as soon as they got out of the infirmary), when Jaxx and Eve sprinted in and hurriedly and sealed the door behind them.
Jay asked, "What the Smeg?" Evelina turned to say, "We have a problem."
He visibly sagged at this news “You have got to be fucking joking?”

"Dude, there's like three huge chicken robots calling us cot-am-ants" Jaxx said, trying to figure out the word the robots had used.

"Contaminants." supplied his other half, since everyone else appeared confused wondering what the intellectually challenged one had said.

"We're all filthy. they'll try to strip our skin." Jay said, knowing what these robots were like. They were programmed with only one goal - cleaning.

"I wonder what they'd make of fire suppressant." Cass remarked. There were fire extinguishers and suppressant systems all over the room. Medical systems were expensive, and no one would let them burn in an accidental fire.

"Ok. get everyone ready to move. I'll set the laser ready." Jamie said, picking up the plan through their shared brain waves.

Everyone got into position, and waited for Jamie's signal that the laser was ready. During that time, Cass quietly said to Jay "Keep an eye on him. He's going to try and hang back to make sure it works. He may need a hand."

Jay nodded in response, and Jamie gave the signal.

The medical bay doors opened, and allowed the cleaning robots in. With his un-burnt hand, Jamie hit the switch, igniting the laser. It pierced the first fire extinguisher, and through it to the supressor system. foam and dust spread everywhere, covering most surfaces in the room, including the three robots and the Blue Dwarf crew.

The robots all swept the room with their sensors, and chirped in unison "Foreign Contaminant."

With a whirring of servo motors, they all started swinging cleaning attachments at each other. The foam had covered all of their sensors, and the dust had got into their circuits. They swung wildly, believing the mess to be *everywhere*. It took a moment, but eventually they had bashed each other to positions where there was enough space for the Dwarfers to get through.


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