Jade sat down on her bunk with a cup of coffee and kicked off the golfing shoes. They pinched in uncomfortable places and the cleats on the bottom clacked on the metal flooring of the corridors setting her teeth on edge. She was lucky in that she didn’t have to share with anyone else, although that did mean she had a small set of quarters, smaller than they were in the original universe. She didn’t care, they were hers, her space. She sighed and wondered exactly what sort of deal the Captain was striking with that horrible golfing GELF. Once the staff in the Caddyshack had revealed that the natives were a very convincing hard light hologram the crew had settled down and waited for the other team to return. Through some odd loophole, entering the Caddyshack didn’t count, but running away from the natives had counted as a forfeit and the Dwarfers had lucked into a win.

After the coffee was finished, she pushed herself up, showered, changed into her uniform and headed out to the Medi-bay. Tara was having a laugh making her do a shift now. Still, she had managed to sleep on the shuttle trip back to the Dwarf, Jay had flown the long way around on purpose. She was assigned to the main medical centre for her shift and not one of the first aid bays on another deck. The automated robots weren’t that great company and had a tendency to panic, requiring more supervision that was probably intended at the design level.

She waved cheerily to those she passed on the way and had an in depth conversation with another crew member about the merit system that was currently being used to make sure that supplies were distributed fairly. The conclusion that was reached was that whilst it was fair, everyone always wanted more alcohol rations, and had she heard about the moonshine operation on deck 16? Her level reached, she thanked the crewmember for the gossip and headed out of the turbo lift on the short walk to the medi-bay. Occasionally she forgot that this wasn’t the original universe she was born to. She didn’t miss the old one, 3,000,000 years in deep space, missing an arm and with only a dozen people left alive? It was a bit shit really.

Inside the Medi-bay was the normal medley of chaos and drama. Tara was shouting across the room at Nurse Wildflower. Hazel was attending to the small accident and emergency line that never seemed to ever get any smaller. Ventrite was doing rounds on one of the wards. She looked over the reception desk at the duty roster and checking her assigned job she set about her work. It was work she enjoyed and she set about it with a tired sense of pride. There weren’t many people that could do what she did, heal people, make them better, comfort them in the face of terrible things.

Several hours in things got slightly more crazy. An influx of people meaning that she was reassigned to help Hazel. There had been a fracas in Parrotts Bar, someone spilling a beer had meant that a fight had ensued when the staff refused to replace the spilled liquid. A barman had been punched out and several patrons had tried to restrain the clumsy patron with little effect. At about the same time reports came in that some kind of mutant fungus had sprouted up in the science labs and several people were trapped inside. A few security were brought in unconscious, requiring tests to ascertain what was wrong having fallen ill when coming into contact with the stuff.

She smiled wearily, another day another drama.


OOC – Two things there if anyone feels like having a post: A small fight in Parrotts, has it escalated? Were you there? And a purple fungus in the science labs.

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