Cleaning Detail

"Well this is just brilliant." Dick emerged from the Vaculav with a mop and bucket.

"Three Phd's and a GCSE in Geography and this is how they put me to work. I could be solving real problems, you know really contributing, but nooo!"

Cass just shook her head and carried on scrubbing, while Tanaka mumbled something incoherent as he shambled past with a bucket of blue liquid and a peg on his nose.

"Really Sir I am finding this experience quite exhilarating." Belvedyr chimed as he stepped out of the adjoining Vaculav with a cheerful smile.

"Exhilarating? Bloody exhilarating? Are you having a laugh? We are knee deep in alien excrement here and for those of us with a sense of smell it is not a pleasant experience let me tell you! What is that?" Dick gasped and pointed down towards the robots cleaning nozzle which was now sheathed in something that could only be described as "ribbed for her pleasure."

"Oh my god!" Cass blurted out as she too took in the sight of the luminous pink object."

"Oh do you like it?" Belvedyr asked, "They have a vending machine inside selling all sorts. They cost three Vargas each. A waste of money of course so I fished this one out of the trash. It keeps unwanted particles out of my cleaning appendage."

Pornsak gagged, "Keep that thing away from me."

"Cass!" the group turned as one to see a bearded man with a cat on his shoulder.

"Thomas?" Cass replied standing to greet the fellow. He appeared to have emerged from the recently landed shuttle and Dick peered over at the vessel wondering if it might used to get them out this place. Where ever it was. Smurf had been confiscated by the authorities and he could not get anyone to tell him how he might retrieve his vessel. He saw now that the man wore an eye patch and had a robotic arm. Another man emerged from the shuttle behind him and Cass called out again,

"Jamie? where have you guys been?"

"Oh you know... around." Thomas replied enigmatically. Tanaka upon returning from emptying bucket came limping over groaning, his arms waving around zombie fashion. The two newcomers looked suddenly alarmed but Cass quickly explained the situation.

"Jason." Jamie gave his companion a puzzled look, "You are looking a little more dead than when we last saw you."

"And more Asian." Thomas added.

"I dont think you can say that." Jamie commented.

"Why?" Thomas asked.

"Well it's racist."

"Saying someone looks "more Asian" is not racist. It is descriptive."

"It is if he takes offence."

"He doesn't look offended. More offensive really..."

"Ghaargah Garfs ga." Jason said.

"He got a little stiff in the vacuum back there and he hasn't regained full control of his faculties yet." Cass explained.

It had in fact taken quite some time for Jason Tanaka to communicate his identity to Cass, and the fete had finally been achieved by him pulling off one of his gangrene fingers and using it to scribble on the cell wall. It was quite possibly the most discusting thing that Dick had ever seen. That was until the next morning when they had been put to work as a cleaning detail for the local spaceport facilities.

"Who are you new friends?" Thomas asked offering dubious glances to the Dick and Belvedyr. His eyes then dropped to see the sagging rubber sheath hanging from the robots cleaning appendage.

"Good lord what is that?" he pointed at the thing in horror.

"I know right?" Dick cried out.

OOC: I am not fully familiar with all of the characters yet so didn't want to go too far.

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