Always Snowing

Tanaka scrubbed the latest crime against plumbing clean. The smell was foul and lord knew what kind of horrible sorts of diseases were being spread about in this travesty of a bathroom. But, being a corpse did have some advantages. For instance, Tanaka didn't seem to have a gag reflex anymore. And, if things didn't pan out for him, he had a promising future in a very niche genre of pornography.

"So... how the heck did you get like this, Tanaka?" Jamie asked.

"Heeehuuuuuuugggghhh...." Tanaka groaned. The translation being: "Our resident idiot scientist and his brain dead assistant." Tanaka, frustrated by the fact that his jaw had yet to release from severe rigor mortis, tried to perform an impromptu game of charades. But after several minutes where Jamie seemed to think that a fruit bat had given Tanaka a zombie curse it was soon evident just how fruitless an effort it was. So, instead, he opted to pop off his finger and write some graffiti on the nearby bathroom stall.

"O'Malley?" Jamie frowned. "He did that to you? Crazy Irishman. Where'd he and his man-servant get off to any way?"

Tanaka had been asking the same question for quite some time now...

Meanwhile, at the desk of the Grand Poobah

"What a lovely gift!" The Grand Poobah chortled with delight, his face of tentacles slapping together with a sickening slurpy sound one would expect to hear at a ramen stand in Bangkok. "Pray tell, where'd you find this treasure?" The Grand Poobah lovingly looked over the snow globe one of his underlings had just presented to him.

"Found it on a bust at the war memorial. Figured you'd like it, sir." The alien cop said with a bow.

"You, Rothford, are getting a bonus this Christmas." Grand Poobah glorted. "This will make a fine addition to my collection."

"I'm glad you're pleased, and thank you, sir."

Inside the snow globe, O'Malley and Pickman finally decided to pop their heads out from behind the Space Needle.

"Where are we?" Pickman asked.

"I think we're in Old Cthulhu's main office." O'Malley gestured to the tentacular behemoth currently holding them.

"This isn't good, is it?" Pickman asked.

"No, I don't think so." O'Malley agreed. "We need to figure out what's become of our comrades in these last couple weeks."

They then screamed as Grand Poobah shook the snow globe with delight.


"Well, wherever they are, I'm sure they're fine." Jamie said with a smirk.

"Hmurrrggg." Tanaka grunted. Then wrote down on the stall. "We need to get the smeg out of here. Plan?"


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