The Final Test

Balar wept as he saw Dyvia rise from the waters and speak. Looking down at Tiella he saw no signs of life. He tore open her shirt to reveal the wound that had killed her still open and bloody.

"No..." he groaned as he shook her gently, "Noooo.."

He glanced up as a shadow fell over the ground. He saw the form of Kespin plummeting towards them and then the man reached out and seemed to draw power around him to slow his fall. Still the landing was not graceful and the man crashed to the earth and rolled several times before righting himself. Balar hugged Tiella close as he watched the second shadow descend.

Níðhöggr slammed down to earth with a fierce roar. His wings outstretched and his wide eyes no longer milky white. They blazed with an inner power and a hunger for more. As invigorated Kespin rose to his feet looking rather pleased with himself the dragon struck. With lightning speed its jaws opened and with a sharp snap clamped hard upon the body of Kespin. The fangs sank deep into his shoulder and torso and blood began to pool upon the soil.

"FEEL MY TORMENT ANCIENT ONE." The words came directly to Kespins mind, but those with magical talent also caught their meaning. As the venom of the dragon now pulsed through his body Kespin was now caught in the final test. A test of spirit. It would take everything he had to beat back the draconic poison and master the power of Níðhöggr.

Balar placed Tiella gently on the ground, her feet still submerged in the shallows of the lake and then he stood ready to lend what aid he could. He breathed heavily as he took in the sight of the mighty dragon latched on to the body of his companion. He saw the agony and torment in the face of Kespin and with a wordless roar he charged forward to attack the beast with his bare hands.

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