An Unnatural Garden

“I’m just saying we are two entirely different species and there’s quite a bit of size difference between us.” Cali was fondling Garm’s ears as he trotted along with her on his back. He let out a howl that sounded full of swagger. “Yes, you are a massive member at that. And that’s precisely my point. Don’t you want little pups with a she wolf to pass on your strength and size?”

Garm tucked his head back and playfully nipped at her boots. He was bouncing around playfully and she was jostled about on his back. “Oh no you don’t. You’re not getting any more passion from me. I’m not some bitch you can just bend over every time you get…”

She was blinded by the bright light of the sun high above and the sweltering heat. One moment they’d been in the dark interior halls and the next in some sort of garden. She couldn’t say when that transition had occurred or how much the others had heard, but she wasn’t particularly bashful on the subject. She swung a leg over and slid down Garm’s side. “Put your cock away and watch our borders, you shaggin’ beast.” She patted his flank and walked over to Majvok, looking to the others for some indication of what was going on.

“What happened to him?” She asked as she laid a consoling hand on the thief's butt and ran two fingers of her other hand through the bloody mess he’d vomited.

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