Who's that guy?

Varan was vaguely aware that the full elf was speaking with her, albeit in a softer tone for some reason. The half-elf wasn’t buying the I-just-want-to-help routine, not after she’d seen the shadow elf’s true colors. But that took a back seat. Even the giants took a back seat momentarily as she bit her lip and lusted after… er… looked after the exquisite man unlike any she’d seen before. Suddenly she understood how elf could be attracted to human, because when he was near, every bit of her ached for him. It was painstaking to watch him walk away, and watch she did. But oddly enough as he disappeared, the spell seemed to break and she was once again easily able to focus.

<What is your name I don’t really want to refer to you as half bread” Luna said.>

“Half breed is fine.” Varan spat coming back to her senses. “It’s apparently how you see me, and I see no reason to dole out pleasantries.”

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