Persistent Isn't He?

Mar sought out Serenity and Ghost and saw the former braiding the latter's hair.

“ you will need a brace like mine” she said. Here let me she said taking a small section of hated behind Ghost right ear and braided or tightly. She secured it with a pice of string. “ there she said that leaf eveyone know that you are mar’s padowne. “

Mar smirked. "Yet another indicator of someone being a jedi..." He entered the room and shrugged. "However it is far more subtle than obvious robes... so I guess I can't completely deny it." He looked to his two padawans, finding it humorous that he was now the master of three young jedi in the span of a single day essentially. How the Force liked to work its ways...

"Look. I've been thinking." Mar started again. "I think we need to leave Jakku. With Liden aware of our presence and Quint linked to this assassin we need to find a place to hide where I can train you... and hopefully find help in that area as it's clear I'm lacking a jedi's touch..." He frowned. "During my time as an Inquisitor I was hunting a Jedi Master who proved to be elusive..." He nodded as he thought to himself out loud. "If I can pick up his trail again he may be helpful..." He looked to Serenity and smiled. "Not that I intend to pawn you off on the first Jedi I meet. You need my help and I intend to set you straight where your masters before hand were lacking..."

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Just as Mar was about to speak again he felt a disturbance in The Force and turned to the direction of the ships' loading ramp. Someone was here. He pulled his lightsaber from its hidden spot behind his tunic and started towards the entrance.

He arrived just in time to find Ripper making his way into the ship. With eyes so full of utter disdain they practically pierced through Ripper as Mar glowered at him he activated his lightsaber and took a defensive stance.

"If you think I'm going to be merciful with you, you're sorely mistaken. I've seen what you've done to that girl... who I've now sworn to defend as my padawan... And now I will make sure you regret every single pain you ever inflicted upon her..." Mar said as he continued to hold his ground. "I think we never got properly introduced... I am Grand Inquisitor Mar Leto... Former First Brother of The Imperial Inquisition... And you have the misfortune of having my complete, undivided, attention."

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