"If you think I'm going to be merciful with you, you're sorely mistaken. I've seen what you've done to that girl... who I've now sworn to defend as my padawan... And now I will make sure you regret every single pain you ever inflicted upon her..." Mar said as he continued to hold his ground. "I think we never got properly introduced... I am Grand Inquisitor Mar Leto... Former First Brother of The Imperial Inquisition... And you have the misfortune of having my complete, undivided, attention."

Ripper gazed up at Mar with irritation. The right half of his upper body and face had been hit by the ship's defenses, leaving behind a dark skeleton with the flesh and skin already growing back. His heart and one of his lungs could be seen still functioning as he gripped onto his red lightsaber tightly. "Get out of my way..." He growled, voice a mixture of machine and human.

" You will not hurt my friend"Serenity said glaring at Ripper.

Offering Serenity a quick glance, Ripper decided to ignore her by sending ring toward her. The ring refused, though, tilting slightly to the side as a little droid hopped off the back of Ripper's leg and rushed toward the teen Padawan. It screamed happily as it rushed up the ramp and slammed into Serenity's leg. "Hello, friend! Can I call you friend?! You're so pretty!" The little droid yelled the words as it clung to her leg and began to climb up toward her back. "Ripper's a butt head, but I'm not! It'll be fine, friend! Fun fact: He hates to be electrocuted. Another fun fact is I love these!" It reached for her lightsaber, attempting to bite it like the idiot it was.

"Stupid VT," Ripper grunted, slightly embarrassed by the little droid as he sent ring to them and kept his attention on Mar. The ring only hovered near Serenity, too afraid to be within arms length of the little chaos droid.

Satisfied that the little droid and ring were attempting to distract Serenity, Ripper advanced toward Mar. He would not admit it openly, but he did not wish to harm the child and knew VT-L2 would only annoy her. Keeping his lightsaber in front of him, he let out a low growl. "I don't care who you are. Just get out of my way..." He warned Mar before slashing at him with the weapon in hand.


Ghost's wolf-like ears could hear everything and fear swelled up inside her as memories slammed into her at full force. Breathe hitching, she blindly grabbed onto the closest thing to her, which was Rowan's arm. "No..." She whimpered and closed her visible eye as tears began to spill down her face.

Carla looked up at Ghost and Rowan, worry in her little eyes.

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