Quint smiled at Rowan, "You'll have to teach me to shoot some time. I can shoot from ships." Feeling better was a relative term. She was bonded to a Sith.

She wasn't sure that a death was the only or best way to solve the problem. She first need to learn how to block the Sith from getting into her head so often.

She went to meditate on what she had learned today.

There was a disturbance as someone boarded the ship. People talking in loud tones. Weapons powering up and a presence.

Quint rose and bought up her battle sense as she entered in the the arrangement.

She reached out her left hand took a breath and concentrated. She stopped the flying ring near Serenity in midair and it dropped falling to the deck. The voice in her head telling her to throw it back at its owner or make it explode. Exploding and killing the Sith would be good.

“Mar, I think he might wish to talk,” he said. “A voice in my head is telling me to attack the machine part of his system, that this would kill him,” she said calmly.

“It appears there is some rivalry between this one and the Assassin. She would delight in our killing him,” she said.

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