Mar Likes Rowan's Arsenal

Mar made a mental note about Ripper's weakness to electricity, and cursed himself for not having learned to use Force Lightning during his inquisitor training. Even still, Mar figured he'd figure a way to make use of it. Mar deflected Ripper's incoming attack with his saber and nodded to Rowan. "I agree, let's take this outside..." He force pushed Ripper down the corridor and out of the cargo ramp from where he'd entered.. Then he turned to Serenity, who was fussing with the new droid. "Serenity, with me. This man is unlike anything I've seen. Healing the way he does, it's clear he's not completely human." He then grabbed a communicator from his belt and spoke to someone on the other end. "Get the Swift ready... we're going to need a quick exit." Then he looked to Rowan. "Mandalorian! Tell me you have an electric net launcher in your humble arsenal?"


-The Void Swift-

"...we're going to need a quick exit..." The call came in and KC-8 responded with a solitary bloop. The astromech droid rolled from its alcove and to the cockpit and used its scomp link to plug into the ship's systems. The ship came to life, the engine humming as the little droid brought the old Sith infiltrator online. KC noted that many of the systems had been improved, clearly by someone with more skill than Mar. This was good as the little droid brought the ship's cloaking device online...

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