More Chaos?

He force pushed Ripper down the corridor and out of the cargo ramp from where he'd entered.

Skidding to a stop outside the ship, cringing from the pressure the force caused on his lungs, he looked up in time to see Ring fall to the floor. A flicker of panic crossed his face for only a brief second. "You little...let Ring go!" He roared angrily at Quint as the ring itself tried to fight back, but could only twitch upon the ground beneath the woman's control.

Grabbing onto Serenity's braids, VT-L2 hung from them and squealed happily. "Hey, you can use the force, Mr. Mar! Ripper can't die, but his lungs hurt when you use that on him! Also, it works great to -!"

"Who's side are you on, you worthless bot!" Ripper spat, anger rising further as he kept ab eye on the rotary blaster cannon that Rowan had. "This is really starting to piss me off...All I want is what belongs to me." He had two things to get back now and could not leave without getting ring back at all costs. Adjusting his grip on his lightsaber, he intended to throw it, but lost focus when he noticed Ghost hiding behind Rowan and RED-1. "There..."

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