Food Then Class

"I guess. I always feel weird wearing a skirt though. It always feels like boys are leering." she said, then he asked about breakfast. "I should probably eat a little bit of something, meds make me a bit flip floppy in the tummy when I don't." she said. "Bacon, egg and cheese toastie sounds good anyway." she stood with a long cat like stretch to the sky. "I'm not sure I'll ever get used to waking up early again." she mused.

“I am used to it, at the sometimes I miss sleeping in during the summer.” JD said standing as well. “Guys will always be checking out the girls in school. The nice thing is you look cute in the uniform.” He comments as he walks and a breakfast burrito sound grate right now then off to class. It is weird to me right now with everyone speaking English it has been three years from the last time I was in the states. And some things have changed.” He said as he got close to the door JD opened it for her and let her go first. Walking end behind her JD looked around the cafeteria at the people there seeing their reactions as they walked in and gaging anyone that looks like they could make trouble. It was something he was used to moving around so much. They got their food as they got to the lunch lady. She started to add the breakfast JD said “both” with a smile before Jocelyn could say anything. “I will see you around” He said to Jocelyn and rushed off to class.

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