Heath's Mission

While everyone else was in class. Heath had gotten permission to get out of his next class to try to secure chaperons for the beach trip. He knew the more he had the more likely it was that the parents of students would be more willing to be fine with letting them go.

It was a boarding school and some kids, like himself, didn't need to ask parental permission because that was really in the hands of the school. However, others had parents that still wanted a final say in such things.

He went first to the teachers he knew would probably say yes. Then he went to all the others. He even walked into the chemistry class and saw what was going on there. He kind of wished he wasn't a year older than that group and hadn't already taken Chemistry, so, he could be in class with them. At the end, he ended up with 4 chaperons; 2 women, 2 men one for each house.

He pulled out his phone and texted everyone who needed to know with the news.

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