The Talk Of The Class

Seeing Kyle walk in JD motioned to him to come over to his station table. He looked around the room and seeing the others and watching Jack and Ashley. JD turned to Kyle and said “so, do you think Jack is in over his head with Ashley?” in a low voice. This is going to be a fun year I think Kyle. What do you think?” JD asked.

Kyle had been watching the dynamics between different people, all day or, at least, when he could. It was partially because of the filmmaker in him and partially out of the need to figure out who he could possibly be friends with. After his last high school, he was a little more cautious though no one would ever know that. He had seen obvious best friends, couples, bullies, students who clearly didn't like each other. Rich kids who didn't have time for anyone who wasn't. Nerds who were nice to most people but kept to their own group; he assumed out of self-preservation. It wasn't that different than any high school, he supposed just maybe a greater amount of rich kids. With, maybe, the occasional exception.

So, he had noticed the dynamic between Jack, Ashley, and Blossom. Clearly, either Ashely and Blossom were best friends or quickly becoming that way. Jack and Ashley were dating. Some guys might have been bothered by Blossom always being around them but Jack seemed to be alright with it. Kyle wasn't disparaging anyone, just observing.

They seemed nice enough to other people but there was definitely some other dynamic going on there. As he watched the icy looks that were going between Ashely and the girl who Jack had been sat next to. He realized the other dynamic was that Ashely was controlling or manipulative, maybe both. Things weren't the way she had expected or wanted them to be and not did she seem mad about it but Kyle guessed she was probably trying to work her mind into blaming Jack for it. At least, that was his guess, it wasn't like he hadn't seen this before.

When JD asked about Jack; Kyle watched Ashely, Jack and the other girl for another moment and then said. "Very much, in over his head."

The topic changed to it being a good year. "Yeah, it's starting out that way, at least." He smiled. "The beach party should be fun."
The words broke her from her 'trance' and she looked around. Seeing everyone else was partnered up. "I guess I do." Jocelyn said slipping the phone into her bag. "Nice to meet you." she added, as she dug in her bag for a notebook and a pen.

Dawn hadn't realized the girl she had just met was on the phone or daydreaming. She was just glad she had managed to get a partner.

"It's nice to meet you as well," Dawn replied. "I'm Dawn."

She waited for a moment to give the other girl time to introduce herself before adding. "Do you know anything about this teacher?" Typical first-day chatter trying to find out which teachers were hard, easy, nice, strict, and so on.

Rose and Sam had seen people pair up and they had also seen what had happened between Ashely and Jack getting split up.

Rose leaned in closer to Sam "What do you think about that?"

Sam shook her head. "I think I feel sorry for Jack. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fight later."

Rose then asked. "Between Ashley and Olivia or Ashley and Jack?"

Sam shrugged. "Either. Both. I'm not sure."

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