Once upon a Memory

Rose nodded as he spoke. It was interesting to hear from musicians, well other artists in general but Rose liked to hear from people in the arts that she wasn't in, it was always interesting to hear about other presepectives.

Dante went back and grabbed his guitar to show her. The guitar was old, beaten up a bit but Rose wouldn't use that term. No, the term she would use was perhaps loved. It was well-loved.

"That's really cool." The thing was she meant it.

A memory struck her or another guitar, similar, less worn perhaps but no it couldn't be the same. She looked more closely at it while many of the stickers didn't look familiar a few did and her mouth dropped open for a moment. Should she ask? Would it sound stupid?

"Dante" Saying his name as if in the midst of a memory. "Are you the same Dante that used to go to parties and hang out with a little blond girl that always had a drawing pad with her and her older brother watching out for her; so, we wouldn't get bored listening to the adults?"

Curiosity had gotten the better of her; the likelihood it was him was well Rose wasn't about to try to do that math. Still, she supposed it didn't hurt to ask.

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