Don't Shoot The Messenger

First day, new school and Melissa had already caught the eye of a few of the football players. She would hold that in the back of her mind for the moment as they bothered to introduce themselves. They were all pretty attractive but the one Doug seemed to go a little more out of his way to make himself known to her.

Thoughts for another time. Right now she had gotten changed into her uniform for gymnastics/cheerleading practice. She knew the gymnastics team and cheerleaders practiced together; mostly, she thought because it seemed like most people that were on one team were also on the other.

The gymnastics coach Caliahan had told the blonde girl to go over to the crew setting up and tell them she needed the cushioned mats used for tumbling runs moved to the other side of the area they were using for practice.

So, Melissa made her way to the setup crew and looked them over before saying anything. Some cute guys here, as well, another thought for later.

She spoke up. "Hey, and please don't shoot the messenger, but Caliahan wants those mats moved over there." Pointing to the area across from where they currently were.

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