Sound Advice?

"Nah, I just think people are less simple then they think they are." Dante started. "Like a lot of people find a place they think they fit. Like a peg in a hole. They think they fit and when they try they get stuck in it, when they do they just shrug and say 'this is fine' and just never change never want to world to change for them. Some people forgo the finding a place. They don't want use another metaphor block the river. Your parents and my father liked what the river gave them. The fish, the power, the...water." he paused. "But people like you and I and my mother. We wanted to see where the river carries us. Enjoy the slow relaxing experience to life, see new things, feel new things. A raft is a simple thing. A damn isn't. A raft experiences progress and change a damn stunts it."

Dante popped his neck "Guess what I am saying is, something never flipped that switch in you to be bitter and money loving. The switch that wants everything handed to you and the spotlight on you because your parents are also in it."

Dante realized he was rambling again. "Look what I mean is, if your parents are toxic to you, when you can and you are safe and ready cut them out if you can. You don't need that poison taking away what makes you, you."

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